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Weekend MTB Warrior

I'm on a mountain biking mission, at least on the weekends.  Although dark arrives sooner each evening and the nights are chilly, we have had an amazing couple of fall weekends.  The weather has been perfect and the foliage incredible.  Terry and I have done 4 rides together and have really enjoyed checking out new singletrack and linking together favorite rides.  We had snow at higher elevations on Tuesday, but the temps rose and we are looking forward to this weekend and all of October for more cycling in the mountains.
Even though I've had a busy summer already, I've got one more event to train for... wait for it.
   June - Little Red Riding Hood (100 mile ride) & RATPOD (130 mile ride)
   July - Priest Lake Vacation (1 week MTB) & Sprint to the Summit Race (12K trail)
   Aug - Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camp
   Sept - Mid Mountain Marathon (26.2 mile trail)
   Oct - Montana Tech College Alumni Basketball Game (stay tuned - this will surely be blog material)

In o…

Mid Mountain Marathon

I FINISHED!  That was the goal and that is how I've responded the last 10 days to "How did the race go?"  I'm very proud of the accomplishment and glad I can now say I've run a marathon, but at this point I don't know if I'll ever do another one.  I've started this blog a few times, but am finding it hard to put the experience into words. It was tough!

I pushed myself mentally and physically harder than any other sporting event in my life.  I didn't dedicate my summer to the race, but I did follow a training program and put cycling on hold the last month to make sure I would be able to give my best effort.  As the race approached, I reviewed my training times and decided to shoot for a finish under 6 hrs.  This is where I remind everyone that trail running is not a natural sport for me and I wasn't going for any records.  The top female finisher was 3hr22min and the slowest racer came in just under 7hr.  I wanted to give it my all, stay injur…

Exergy Tour Recap - Stage 4

I've been so focused on the marathon the past few weeks (I finished and will blog about it soon!) that I haven't been following women's cycling as much as I'd like.  Since today all I'm doing is recovering, I had time to follow the tweets as the Brainwash Tour finished in Holland and see Marianne Vos win yet another race. It was her 4th consecutive Holland Ladies Tour victory - what an athlete!  Team Specialized-Lululemon had a good week in Holland with a couple wins and Evelyn Stevens claiming 2nd overall.  Hard to believe that just over 3 months ago, summer was just starting and Evie and the Team were dominating The Exergy Tour.  Just like Marianne Vos, they've been at the top of women's cycling all season and I look forward to seeing awesome results at Worlds which starts in less than 10 days.

Since Labor Day has passed, I figured I better wrap up my Exergy Tour recaps.  If you haven't read my previous Exergy Tour blogs, might be best to start here. …

Marathon Countdown

And just like that, it's September.  If that's all it took to get some decent rain, I would have turned the calendar weeks ago.  We woke up Saturday morning to sheets of rain, thunder, and lightning which repeated itself again that afternoon and evening.  Just in time to wet down the trails for the marathon.  Hopefully the weather holds on Saturday while I'm running, but then I'm ready for fall and winter.  I can't wait to get back on the mountain bike and go for long rides in the changing colors before transitioning to winter sports.
I'm as ready as I can be for the marathon.  I'm confident that I'll finish and make all the cut-off times, but I'm not aiming for any other goal than trying to enjoy the experience.  After slacking off during the Tour of Utah, my last 3 weekends have revolved around training runs.  First up was my longest run yet at 20 miles.  I was nervous and had a couple escape routes planned, but knew I had to complete the run in …