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Holiday Midway Point

We're at the midway point, 2 weeks since Thanksgiving and 2 weeks until Christmas.  On top of all the normal holiday hustle and bustle, I've over-committed this year to several activities and am trying to stay on top of it all while finishing up a year-long work project.  Terry had to work today, so figured I'd take advantage of the quiet and write while watching snowflakes try to cover up the old rain-soaked snow.  This afternoon brings a Utes Basketball game followed by a company holiday party that starts this evening and finishes with brunch tomorrow.

I signed up for cycling class this year in November, rather than waiting until January.  Each session is 6 weeks and I've already missed 4 of 8 classes.  Luckily, I can make up the 6hrs over the next couple months by attending other classes, but each time I miss, the next class is that much harder.  I didn't attend the week of Thanksgiving because of a cold, but the following Monday I skipped because Terry had a &q…