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Thanksgiving Memories

I'm not having the best of Thanksgivings.  I spent the majority of today on the couch attempting to finally kick a particularly persistent virus out of my system.  It has gotten the better of me for a week.  On Monday, the doctor said I was just one of the latest victims and to expect a 2 week battle.  He sent me home empty-handed since antibiotics wouldn't help.  I pushed it too hard yesterday with skiing and dinner activities, but today I feel like I'm just about there.  My hope was to rally for both the Montana Tech Men's Basketball game and the Jazz game, but it didn't happen.  So I'm watching the Jazz and Kings on TV while Terry and Christian are at the game.  It takes a lot for me to miss a basketball game and although I'm bummed, it was definitely the right decision.  I wish my cold was the main reason for my Thanksgiving attitude, but we also learned on Wednesday that Christian has to do another series of chemo treatments since his scans weren't…

Winter Storm Brutus vs Landscaping

The Weather Channel is now naming "noteworthy" winter storms. The list of names for 2012-2013 is published and Brutus visited last weekend.  I don't really see the need for the names, but it was fun to reference #Brutus in my tweets and it gives me yet another item to track on my snowfall post-it.  Since we've lived in Utah, I measure the snowfall from the same location all year.  This year, I've chosen a spot on the back porch rather than the driveway.  As of today, we've received 33" - 8" in our 1st storm and 25" with Brutus. Unfortunately, we've had rain the past 2 days washing most of Brutus away. The good news is the rain continues to be snow at higher elevations and the ski resorts are open! Everyone knew Brutus was coming, especially our landscape contractor who arrived at the house early Thursday to "button things up" and move the heavy equipment to the front of the house on solid ground.  The left and right sides were com…

Montana Tech Alumni Back-to-Back Weekends

I'm coming off an Oredigger high after the last two weekends.  At final count, I attended 6 college games and participated in just as many alumni events, including the highly anticipated Women's Basketball Alumni Game! It all started in August, when Coach Kerie DePell sent word that she was resurrecting the alumni game and also recognizing the 30yr Anniversary of the 1981-82 & 82-83 Conference Championship Teams.  I didn't have to think twice about attending and my excitement grew as other teammates signed up.

Since I still had the marathon to train for and hadn't played consistently in 16yrs, I practiced a couple days every week in October while continuing to mountain bike on the weekends.  I really enjoyed my early mornings at the gym and although I didn't play in any pickup games, I felt comfortable around the basket by the end of the month and was looking forward to the game.  When I was an Oredigger, we played against the alumni as part of preseason prepar…