Winter Storm Brutus vs Landscaping

The Weather Channel is now naming "noteworthy" winter storms. The list of names for 2012-2013 is published and Brutus visited last weekend.  I don't really see the need for the names, but it was fun to reference #Brutus in my tweets and it gives me yet another item to track on my snowfall post-it.  Since we've lived in Utah, I measure the snowfall from the same location all year.  This year, I've chosen a spot on the back porch rather than the driveway.  As of today, we've received 33" - 8" in our 1st storm and 25" with Brutus. Unfortunately, we've had rain the past 2 days washing most of Brutus away. The good news is the rain continues to be snow at higher elevations and the ski resorts are open!
Brutus Snow Measurement of 11" (Total Storm Depth at our house = 25")
Everyone knew Brutus was coming, especially our landscape contractor who arrived at the house early Thursday to "button things up" and move the heavy equipment to the front of the house on solid ground.  The left and right sides were coming along, but there was no way they could finish before the storm.  I continue to be amazed at the new features and the hard working crew.  We've also had plenty of wildlife checking out the new digs, so it doesn't appear that the Landscape Project disrupts them.
Before : Left Side Weed Farm
In Progress : Flagstone Path and Steps
Waterfall Visitors - too bad the water isn't flowing yet
Brutus arrived last Friday and stayed thru Sunday evening, just like many of our friends and family that visit.  We measured 7" Friday evening and another 7" on Saturday and ended up doing several snowblowing sessions.  We had to go downtown Saturday evening for a company party and walked out to major lake-effect snow.  The drive home took twice as long as we wove in and out of spun-out cars on the pass.  We woke up Sunday to another 11" on the deck and no sign of the plows.  They finally made their way to the cul-de-sac around 10 and once they pushed even more snow into our driveways, we all emerged prepared to dig out.  At one point I counted 6 snowblowers going at the same time.  A picture of our mailbox and driveway is on the Mailbox Monday page.  We are all skiers and live here for days like this, it is hard work but good fun and we finished up with some sledding and socializing.
Brutus Dig Out - Sunday Morning - Can you see the 4 snow blowers?
Glad we got the equipment out in time
I was pretty convinced that the landscaping on the sides and back was done for the year.  With over 2 feet of snow, more to drop off the roof, and not much sunshine this time of year, I was honestly shocked to see the equipment back on Monday and work in progress.  The guys shoveled out the features and got back to it, just like Mike (our contractor) said they would.
Monday evening - Brutus has nothing on the Landscape Project 
The crew has been hard at it all week and should easily finish by Christmas.  Even if the next winter storm (Caesar) rolls in for a visit, they've proven they can build in all conditions and nothing really slows them down.  With work and other evening activities, we didn't get a chance until yesterday (Saturday morning) to really see things in the daylight.  At one point, there were 3 different crews around the house - flagstone, rock retaining wall, and deck.  It is probably a good thing I don't work at home anymore, it would be hard not to be distracted.  Thankfully our neighbors have been tolerant of the equipment, noise, materials, and mud.  We are almost done - I promise.
More materials stacked along the road and not much left of Brutus