Holiday Midway Point

We're at the midway point, 2 weeks since Thanksgiving and 2 weeks until Christmas.  On top of all the normal holiday hustle and bustle, I've over-committed this year to several activities and am trying to stay on top of it all while finishing up a year-long work project.  Terry had to work today, so figured I'd take advantage of the quiet and write while watching snowflakes try to cover up the old rain-soaked snow.  This afternoon brings a Utes Basketball game followed by a company holiday party that starts this evening and finishes with brunch tomorrow.

I signed up for cycling class this year in November, rather than waiting until January.  Each session is 6 weeks and I've already missed 4 of 8 classes.  Luckily, I can make up the 6hrs over the next couple months by attending other classes, but each time I miss, the next class is that much harder.  I didn't attend the week of Thanksgiving because of a cold, but the following Monday I skipped because Terry had a "work function" at the Jazz vs Nuggets game. He has been bidding several big projects and this was a joint venture so we had a suite and got to meet several new faces and spouses, including a couple former Montana Tech Orediggers.  After missing 3 classes in a row, I finally showed up and got a good razzing and a tough workout.  This Monday, I was all set to go and the Jazz struck again.  We had great seats for the Clippers game and brought along our friends Rob and Corrie.  The Clippers have an all-star lineup and the Jazz were undefeated at home making for a great game, but sadly the Jazz lost.  I made it to class Wednesday, took the heckling, and promised to make it on Monday especially if I get to pick the Pandora station!
Jazz vs Clippers: Great Seats with Great Friends = Great Time!
Speaking of Orediggers, the men's basketball team was in town over Thanksgiving for a tournament which I didn't realize until a few days before. As the chair for our Utah Chapter, I hustled out an evite trying to get local alumni to show up and cheer on the team.  We attended on Saturday with a few other alumni and cheered the men to victory!  We have a big event planned in February when both teams are in town along with the Chancellor and Recruiting Staff.  We hope to start raising enough money from alumni and their companies to fund a Montana Tech scholarship for a local high school student. In addition to the chair position, I also sit on the Montana Tech Alumni Association board. I attend a monthly phone call which isn't a huge effort but always seems to coincide with some other activity.

For example, the call in late November was the same evening as a University of Utah Women's Basketball game.  I really enjoy the games and want to show my support for women's sports, so bought season tickets this year and have attended all but one game.  They usually have at least 1 game per week at home and are currently undefeated!  The night of my alumni call, I was able to do the 1st hour in the car in the parking lot and the 2nd hour from the top of an aisle while I watched the game.  The team plays this afternoon against rival BYU. One of the player's mom is a friend thru Terry's work so it is fun to watch with her and get to know the team and support them.
Utah Utes vs Michigan Wolverines
We've also been taking advantage of our season passes at PCMR.  The snow hasn't been great, but they have a few man-made runs and the weather seems to finally be turning cold again, so they'll be able to make more while we wait for natural snow.  It was very frustrating to have rain this week, but today's snowflakes are making up for it.  I've been taking runs with Corrie's girls and reliving my high school ski instructor days. It is so rewarding to see a young skier link turns together or just make their first pies!  Maybe some day I'll make a full circle and finish out my working career back on the slopes - I would do it now if only it paid more.
Corrie and Mischa
PCMR - we need more snow!
The party season is also in full swing. We have 3 different Saturday nights booked just for Terry's work related festivities, plus other nights filled with open houses and celebrations.  Tonight's party is something we look forward to each year and is usually our crazy night of the year (for 30-40yr olds) so it is probably another good reason I'm writing and taking it easy.  I attended a baby shower last weekend and then a house warming last night. Both were fun and we met several new friends.  Last weekend's bowling party was a blast, even if JB almost beat all of us using bumpers and a ramp.

We also just wrapped up the Landscaping for the winter.  The deck crew worked through Thanksgiving and the rock crew buttoned up things last week, so now we wait until spring to finish.  Even though it was painful to write the checks, it was worth getting it right and doing it all at once.  We are very happy so far and once all the top soil, plants, sod, and running waterfall are in place, we will definitely have a celebration!
Before : Pathway between deck and slope
Now : Steps and Deck Pathway with Capstone Seating on Rock Wall
Before : Small Steps, Railing, and Pathway
Now : Full Steps and Huge Open Deck
We are looking forward to surviving the next 2 weeks at work and beyond, but really looking forward to getting a few days off and spending more quality time with each other, family, and friends.  We aren't planning on traveling, or at least for more than a couple days, so we actually decorated a tree for the first time in years and with this snow - It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.
2012 Christmas Tree
(credit to Corrie and Christian for lending us their extra)