Backyard Wild Kingdom

Last weekend I kicked off Friday night with two social hikes.  Kelly and I checked out the new PC Hill trail and then Corrie and I took in the sunset with a long neighborhood hike.  Hopefully the three of us will be able to align schedules and have a girl's afternoon of biking or hiking, but for now, we take what we can get.

Terry flew home from Iowa Saturday morning and we went crazy on chores and then relaxed on the deck.  Now that the landscape is finished, we are really enjoying our backyard and all the wildlife that stop by for hours at a time.
Saturday Afternoon Visitor

We stayed on the deck and she stayed put - but we each kept our eyes on each other, when not napping.

For the first time in my career, I'm able to easily bike commute and I'm trying to take advantage.  I only went twice this week due to other commitments, but brought my mountain bike in on Friday and had a lovely ride after work.  I've also traded construction and semi trucks on Parley's, with morning views of hot air balloons.
Hot Air Balloons over Park City on my morning commute
Friday Night Ride - Jenni's

Saturday morning I woke up and for the 1st time in years, wasn't nervous about running the Annual Spring to the Summit Trail Race.  I've only done a couple short trail runs this summer with all my cycling commitments, but offered to take the girls on the 5K if Corrie wanted to race the 12K.  She took me up on it and Berkley and I had a blast.  I may participate as a kid's 5K pacer for years to come.
Supergirl and her Sidekicks
Taking a photo break during the uphill climb
Taking a snack break before the downhill switchbacks
Mom & Daughter taking home medals!
(1st in Age Group & Youngest 5K)

After the potluck, I came home and changed into mountain bike gear to head out for a long ride with Terry.  We went back to Jenni's and then across to Deer Valley to check out the Dealer Camp.  The aspens and wildflowers were beautiful. We rode all afternoon and then went out for an early dinner.
Mid-Mountain Aspens
More Aspens

Terry now refers to the backyard as Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom.  In addition to the irrigation system and new flowers, we turned on the waterfall Saturday morning and all weekend had wildlife checking out the new feature.

The hummingbirds weren't phased and continue to drain a feeder every 2 days.  The squirrels know the timer schedule and have found a place in the irrigation line to drink and wash.  The robins also know when the drip lines run and skillfully pluck worms out of the soil.  The big animals don't reside in the backyard like the others, but a daily deer and moose visit are now expected.
Bucks making a loop around the fire pit

Mama and Baby enjoying the waterfall (aka Moose Drinking Fountain)

I'm beginning to think we should set up a webcam and charge by the hour to help pay for landscaping and repair. The moose baby prefers to eat our new bushes, the robin likes to dig up the irrigation hose, and the grass has been flattened by mama sleeping away her afternoons.