Cat's Tongue - Licks Grease, Licks Cancer

It's time for another product review!  I heard about Cat's Tongue in February, started using them in March as we transitioned from skiing to cycling, and have become a serious fan in April as I've ridden every day as part of 30 Days of Biking.  If you haven't heard of Cat's Tongue Towels, please visit their website to see the product options, testimonials, and how they are putting 25% of their proceeds toward cancer research and treatment.

If you've been following my blog, you know that cancer hit close to home this past year with our good friend and neighbor Christian.  As we try to do whatever we can to help him and his family, we have also become more aware of all the efforts that others do for their loved ones or complete strangers.  Just as I purchase and promote products that support women's cycling,  I also support companies that contribute back to society, whether for the environment or cancer.  Cat's Tongue does both!

In early February, I was on Twitter and noticed that @CatsTongueTowel was tweeting heavily in support of women's cycling. I checked our their profile and website and knew I had to follow.  I almost immediately got a direct message from Tom.  Now that is social media engagement!
Cat's Tongue on Twitter - definitely worth the follow

We had a few more exchanges and Tom sent 5 samples for me to try out.  We were in the middle of prime ski season and although I was cycling in class every week, bike maintenance and cleaning were not on my mind.  To be honest, those tasks are primarily my husband's in exchange for me doing all our laundry, but I do wipe down my bike and can maintain as needed.  Over the next several weeks, I gave away 3 of the towels to friends affiliated with local bike shops.  They also weren't focused on biking since our Park City bike shops are also our local ski shops.  But I was glad to pass on the product in hopes of spreading the word.
Cat's Tongue Towel Samples and Tattoos

In late March, ski season was finally winding down and it was time to prepare the bikes for my April commitment.  I broke out my first Cat's Tongue Towel for the white Specialized Epic MTB.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but it really did do the job.  I cleaned the frame, components, and wheels with ease.  No water, no toothbrush, no cloth rags, and one towel was plenty for the entire bike.  I really liked being able to slide the towel into tight spots and clean up grease that had previously been untouchable.  I also noticed that I wasn't having to backtrack and clean smeared grease off the white frame, important since my Time Road Bike is also white.  My skin is sensitive but I didn't have any problems handling the towels and used them to clean what little grease I had on them after cleaning the bikes.  All in all, a great 1st experience!
My 1st Cat's Tongue Towel after cleaning my Mountain Bike

I knew I needed to get a fresh supply before I spent the next 30 days riding in snow, mud, and salty roads. I decided on the 24 pack rather than the canister so I could throw some in my saddle bags, hydration packs, etc.  After realizing how great the towels cleaned, I also tried tackling a couple stubborn grease spots on our carpet.  I figured I had nothing left to lose and the rough cat's tongue side pulled the grease right up!
My 2nd Cat's Tongue Towel after cleaning grease stains from my carpet

My order arrived promptly and included 2 more tattoos.  You couldn't see it in the box, but knowing that the proceeds from my purchase were going to the Pan Massachusetts Challenge to support cancer research and treatment was also very satisfying.  I hope that Cat's Tongue finds a home at several Utah bike shops in the near future. Not only so I can make future purchases without paying for shipping, but also to have a presence and possibly contribute toward local cancer fundraising rides, like Little Red Riding Hood.
Cat's Tongue 24 Pack and Tattoos - what you don't see is the thank you from those affected by cancer

I have ridden thru all conditions in April.  In most cases, the first thing I've done before bringing the bike into the gear room, is clean it with a Cat's Tongue Towel.  I've been riding and cleaning both white bikes, plus our fat bike (Salsa Mukluk).
Cat's Tongue Towel and the Fat Bike
Cat's Tongue Towel reaching the tight spots

This week, we finally had warm enough weather to wear knee warmers instead of tights, so I celebrated with a tattoo.  The Cat's Tongue logo is already outstanding, but really stands out as a tattoo.  I've had several questions about the tattoo and product and even gave away my saddle bag towel to a cycling classmate.  My leg even showed up on the Cat's Tongue Facebook Page.  

It is obvious that Tom and Deanna are blending their years of corporate skills with their love for cycling and passion for supporting cancer.  They are providing a quality product with innovative marketing techniques, which makes an impression with this customer.  

For all those reasons, I'm happy to spread the word, whether it is with my purchase, a tattoo, a blog, or passing out samples.  I recommend if you have a reason to Lick Grease (and who doesn't), then choose Cat's Tongue so you can Lick Cancer at the same time.