Tulsa Tough 2014 - Top 50 Moments

I'm still riding a Tulsa Tough high and can't say enough good things about the event and people involved, especially Shawn and Carol! Last year, I flew in on Thursday and out Monday and wrote a 6 part blog. I just reread it and many of the experiences hold true so please have a read to get a feel how I Tulsa Tough. This year, I took it up a level by flying in on Sunday and bringing my own bike! Having a full seven days to help Shawn and Carol, experience more Diva events, and get in more rides was awesome.

Unlike last year, I don't have time to blog about each day at Tulsa Tough so I've decide to list my top moments and pictures. I'm guessing only Carol and I will "get" the full list, but use your imagination or better yet, make plans for Tulsa Tough June 12-14, 2015 and make your own moments! If you were at Tulsa Tough, please add your own moments in the comments. I'd love to hear them so I can add them to my list for next year.

Sunday - June 1, 2014 - Travel Day and Settling In

1. TSA agent is a cyclist - whew!

2. Shawn and Carol hugs at the airport!!

3. Causing a scene at the grocery checkout over cucumbers

4. Dinner at Sonoma with my awesome host family

5. Tulsa Tough Omnium sneak-peek and hoist (spoiler for who got to hoist for real a week later)

Monday - June 2, 2014 - Work and Volunteer Duties

6. Gran Fondo hardware sneak-peek

7. Work break Tulsa Tough tasks - Sign inventory

8. There are no prices at the Dollar Store!

9. Tweeting all week #spandexrodeo

10. Family dinner and outdoing last year's awkward moment with the teenagers

Tuesday - June 3, 2014 - Work and Volunteer Duties

11. Ridiculous back pain and medication side-effects made for long night and sick morning

12. Work break Tulsa Tough tasks - Pace Car pick-up and Diva kit organization

13. Taking Pace Car to enjoy dinner on the patio at R Bar and Grill 

Wednesday - June 4, 2014 - Work and Diva Ride

14. Early morning ride with Carol - finally back on the road together!

15. Work break to finish up Diva kits

16. Driving the Pace Car

17. Wednesday Nite Diva Ride which included kit handout (get out of the box), 911 call for roadside domestic issue, and so much more. Check this news coverage from the ride.

18. Dinner with Texas Divas and Manbassador at Mondo's 

Thursday - June 5, 2014 - Pseudo Work and Diva Clinic

19. Hanging at the house with my 5 furry hosts

20. Goodwill visit

21. Diva Clinic with Vanderkitten which included groceries, caravan to location, tent setup, pictures, and good times. Hard to believe my Tulsa Tough Experience in 2013, started here.

22. Tulsa Tough Media Event and dinner with the Divas

23. Meeting Alison Powers and other pro women

Friday - June 6, 2014 - Diva Potluck Ride and Blue Dome Crit

24. Diva Potluck - too many French Toast casseroles to count

25. Diva ride to beat the rain

26. Hanging out at the house with Christina and Toby

27. More Envelopes!

28. VIP Tent setup (get the tape measure!)

29. Diva Kit handout/exchanges during Blue Dome Crit

30. On the 1st corner for the Pro Women's Race

31. VIP Tear-down and mini melt-down

Saturday - June 7, 2014 - Gran Fondo and Brady Arts District Crit

32. Peanut Butter on a Bagel binge begins

33. Diva Champagne Toast

34. Gran Fondo 104miles - Faster, Cooler, and on my own bike!


35. Meeting the DNA Cycling crew

37. On the Start/Finish line for the Pro Women's Race

Sunday - June 8, 2014 - Gran Fondo and Cry Baby Hill

38. Lightning Delay & Pouring Rain (all day) reduced Gran Fondo from 104 to 63 miles

39. Gran Fondo 63miles - WET, 3 Tulsa Tough Gals, and special police escort for last 5 miles!

40. Garmin Issues - Kept slipping on Saturday, Water damage on Sunday

41. Committing to the Double Tough and earning our jerseys!

42. Cry Baby Hill - I tried taking a few pics during the Pro Women's race, but best to check out the videos as they're released. Or check out last year's.

Tulsa Tough Cry Baby Hill, with KillerShot

Gears, Beers, and Crybaby Tears - Tulsa Tough 2014

43. 3rd day of $1000 primes for Pro Women's Race - thanks to Ron at Saris & the Divas

44. Driving Miss Daisy

45. Diva & Pro Women's Cycling After Party at Burn Co BBQ - thanks to Saris and isocentric networks for hosting; Pepperpalace, Colavita, and FCS for attending!

46. The Fault in Our Stars

Monday - June 9, 2014 - Take Monday Off and Saying Goodbye

47. Sleep Late, then Laundry and Bike Tear-down

48. Lunch at Dilly Deli and a trip to the Tulsa Tough warehouse with Shawn before he took a well-deserved nap.

49. Soaking up last bit of Tulsa sun

50. Flight delay but No Bike Fee!

Thanks again to my incredible friends Shawn and Carol for all they do to make Tulsa Tough and the Diva Program a wild success! They are doing so much for women's cycling and I'm thrilled to be a part of it. I can't wait for Tulsa Tough 2015 - the 10th anniversary!

Don't forget to add your own Top Moments to the comments. For more pictures, words, and videos - check out the Tulsa Tough Vimeo Channel, Tulsa Tough Facebook, and Tulsa Tough Twitter.