Quality Woodwork (Basement Remodel Part 3)

After a long spell with little work on the basement, we've had steady progress the past few weeks and it is coming together better than I imagined!

In case you need to catch up, here are previous posts.

At the end of the last update, the texturing and painting were finished and we built up the closet system, but were still waiting on the wood floor, carpet, trim, and doors. I was off to Nashville for business and hoped to come home to wood flooring, trim, and hooks. I got one out of three and the trim was on premise but not installed. The hooks are another story, but as long as they are in for snow season, I'll be happy.

For those of you that stay in our basement (Mom & Dad), I know you've been on me to see more photos, so here it goes. We might even be ready for visitors in just a few weeks.
Gorgeous Wood Flooring and Trim Bundled
Wood Close-up!
Love the Bow-Ties!
A week later, we moved trim to make room to install TV wall mount and get a great look at flooring!
TV Mount Ready to Go
Next task for us - choosing carpet for guest bedroom
Memorial Weekend, Terry got ambitious and was working on a project in the kitchen which unfortunately resulted in a water leak thru a basement light and onto the trim and wood flooring! A couple hours later, the leak was stopped and we moved, inspected, and dried every piece of trim. Not the relaxing evening we had planned.
Trim relocated to garage and 100% quality check
Memorial Weekend Leak - the end

I left for Tulsa and the installation really took off. There seems to be a correlation between my travel and basement remodel, so I'm planning on even more excitement next week while I'm gone.

Windows are trimmed and beautiful
Laundry door (minus hardware) & the new shelf/door to our storage room!
The Hook Shelf is in, still need hooks
Cabinet and Bench are in, still need door and hardware
More doors, still need hardware and baseboard trim
Bedroom Closet Doors, still need hardware
So you can see, the wait has been worth it.  The craftsmanship is incredible! As soon as we're done, I'll let you know who we used, but until I have my hooks and everything's complete, I'm not sharing. In fact, I may just wait to let you in on my secret until we do the whole house.

Carpet is scheduled for tomorrow, then metal wainscot in the bike shop followed by trim, a couple more doors, and then all the hardware!