30 Days of Biking: Here we go again

Last year, I signed up for 30 Days of Biking thanks to Twitter friend Melissa. During the month of April, I challenged myself physically and mentally to complete all 30 days, most outside. The challenge was fun and provided a good base for a long summer of riding. This year I pledged again along with 6974 others across the globe. The pledges doubled that of last year and resulted in 232 Free Bikes for Kidz (1 for every 30 pledges)!

Motivation comes in many forms. Knowing that I'm accountable to tweet a photo to #30daysofbiking each day is a big one.  The 200+ children that are getting a bike which includes freedom, exercise, and adventure is another. My family and friends that supported me last year and are excited about 2014 is a huge factor. Finally, this amazing idea was born in Minnesota, where April weather must be more challenging than Park City, so there are no excuses to bundling up and promoting cycling.

1st Half Update: This year has been more challenging than last. I don't have great excuses but do have lots going on. Work is extremely time-consuming, we are remodeling the basement, and ski season is still in session. I've missed a couple days, but will make them up.  I hope to commute to the office a few times in the second half and will have to get creative for a business trip.

2nd Half Update: Unfortunately, the weather and my work schedule didn't cooperate for a commute ride. I was able to hit the hotel recumbent bike on my business trip late at night after dinners out. Then I got home and the weather turned ugly with snow and cold. I didn't have the energy to battle it, so I spent several days on the trainer. I actually didn't mind, with the new setup in the living room, the views were great and I got caught up on several Pro Women's Cycling podcasts.

I didn't ride all 30 days this year. I missed four days and made one up for a total of 27 Days of Biking. I definitely wasn't as gung-ho as last year, but enjoyed the challenge and am looking forward to next year.

Last year, I put guidelines around my daily rides, but not this year.  As long as I pedaled, it counted.

Day 1 - Fresh Snow - Leaving for cycling class & glad to start out the month inside 
Day 2 - More Snow - Took the fat bike out for a neighborhood loop and picked up a newspaper
Day 2 - Also got out of snowblower duty thanks to 30 Days of Biking responsibilities
Day 3 - Cycling Class - Last one of Block 3 and it was painful

Day 4 - At Work from 6am to 9pm - Just couldn't make myself climb on a bike once I got home
(1st day missed, but made up on Day 19)
Day 5 - Men's BBall & Trainer - Skiing then moved everything out of basement but the essentials
Day 6 - Women's BBall & Trainer - Another long day prepping basement for remodel and snowstorm
Day 7 - Neighborhood MTB - Found a prop for a picture
Day 8 - Women's Final Four & Trainer - Home late, but just in time for tip-off
Day 9 - MTB Adventure - Found a new single track and this treasure
Day 10 - Road Bike  - Beautiful evening & no knee warmers required
Day 11 - Team CB vs Big C MTB in Round Valley (there was an elk herd just behind us)
Day 12 - Girls Day MTB in Round Valley - Lots of laughs, a few tumbles, and no boys allowed
Day 13 - Skied, then snowstorm, then a quick MTB around neighborhood
Day 14 - Back pain is back (ugh!) Made it thru work then spun lightly but not too long
Day 15 - Back pain is winning. Spent night on the floor and on some stronger drugs. Will have to make it up.
 (1st day missed)

Day 16 - Back on the trainer,  able to go longer and rewarded with Moose Munching out the window
Day 17 - Another gorgeous Thursday night. Slow and steady on the MTB on our awesome trail system.
Day 18 - Mountain Bike after work - tried some single track but mainly paved trail around nature preserve
Day 19 - Fat Bike ride to get the weekend paper
Day 19 (Makeup for Day 4) - Trainer while talking with my parents
Day 20 - Loaded up the truck for a day of fun - Skiing, Easter Brunch & Egg Hunt, then Biking!
Day 20 - Tour de Playground - Chariot ready to rock & roll
Day 20 - Tour de Playground - Adults following Kids to #1
Day 20 - Tour de Playground - Heading to #2 
Day 21 - Business Trip - Boring but felt good after day on plane
Day 22 - Business Trip - Another late night at hotel gym
 Day 23 - Couldn't drag myself back to hotel gym before breakfast, then worked with client, flew home, and crashed.  
(2nd day missed)

Day 24 - Long Day to catch up from trip so hit the trainer before bed
Day 25 - Had grand plans to MTB during the day but work kept winning until 6p when the rain came. We did get our new kits for the season, but even that couldn't motivate me to ride the trainer. (3rd day missed)
Day 26 - Rain, then Snow, then Rain, then Snow - Podcasts and Trainer
Day 27 - Back on the Trainer but didn't take a photo - so here's a shot from Saturday night's chilly Real game
Day 28 - Training program day off but had to do at least 5min at gym for 30DOB
Pedaled next to these 2 and overhead their strategy for hitting on hot blondes & best time to come to gym to do it.
Day 29 - Winter weather so we did back-2-back trainer sessions
Day 30 - Weather improving - Celebrated the last day with an hour training ride and a trip over I-80