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Mailbox Monday

I've had a fixation on our neighborhood mailboxes since we moved here 8 years ago and am excited to share some of my favorites with all of you!  We have a homeowner's association that covers important items like fire prevention, dumpster days, and fun runs but luckily the mailboxes aren't standardized.  The result is a mountainside full of personality and ingenuity displayed at the end of each driveway.

Giro d'Jenny Definition
Mailbox = The entire structure required to receive mail from the USPS and survive in the natural environment.

During my walks, I like to picture the family that owns the mailbox and the related story.  One day I'd like to create a coffee table book where there is a combination of professional mailbox photos and the stories of their owners.  I figure it will be a relic when the USPS finally shuts down and sales will skyrocket.  Most of my photos will be on the fly but if I can get some interviews, then maybe I can get Kurt Keller Photography to help me out since he has done a few books with similar ideas.

Books with Photography by Kurt Keller

Tonight I decided to get this project started and with Mailbox Monday I'll be sure to get at least one photo posted each week and let it speak for itself in a Wordless Wednesday blog format.

We had our first snowstorm a few days ago which means that mailbox maintenance gets serious.  We get at least 20ft of snowfall each winter and the mailboxes have to survive nature, snowplows, and snow blowers.  Most don't and replacement/repair is a common chore in the Spring. Delivering the mail also becomes difficult and most of us try our best to make the mailman's life easier since we appreciate his effort.  The following flyer was delivered recently as a reminder to get our mailboxes in order.

Many mailboxes consist of a buried post, post in bucket, or post in wooden barrel.  In the last 2 cases, the amount of concrete and rocks are a key component for survival.  In some areas, the mailboxes are bunched together due to narrow roads, steep slopes, or convenience. This is just a small sampling so stay tuned for more Mailbox Mondays.

17Oct2011: The Mailbox Monday page is up.  I've added these 9 with descriptions along with new entries!







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