Sprint to the Summit

We've been home for 3 weeks since our Priest Lake vacation and my workout focus has shifted from cycling to trail running.  The main objective is to survive and enjoy the Mid-Mountain Marathon in September, but my short term goal was to do well enough at the Sprint to the Summit to bring home a ceramic medal.

The Sprint to the Summit is our neighborhood trail race and potluck held every July.  It showcases our great trail system including some seriously steep sections.  There are 2 options, a 5K out-and-back along the fire road and a 12K loop up to the summit.  Most run/hike the 12K and times range from 1hr to almost 3.  No matter how well the course is flagged or described in the pre-race talk, a few new runners always take a wrong turn.  This has become part of the tradition and usually those runners come back the next year with a sense of revenge against the trail system.  The small turnout keeps the atmosphere cozy and relaxed, but competition is stiff.  Everyone finishes then cheers the others in as they graze at the potluck table and wait for awards and the sponsor raffle.  It's my favorite (and usually only) running event every summer.
Sprint to the Summit Action Shot
The 2012 edition was held last Saturday, so I had a couple weeks to get some miles on my feet rather than on the saddle.  We've had a hot July, so I fit in weekday runs before work and just before nightfall and a long run on the previous Saturday.  I felt prepared and ran a strong race.  I pushed myself and placed 3rd in the Mountain Lion women's age group.  Just like in 2011, I moved up into 3rd because someone missed the last left turn that adds more climbing to the race.  Locals advantage strikes again and I took home my 4th 3rd place ceramic medal.  Consistent and a little lucky!
Mountain Lions (1st-Emily, 2nd-Corrie, 3rd-Jenny)

Sprint to the Summit Medals
I recovered well and went out a couple times this week with an eye on the next few weeks as I build up my mileage and focus all efforts toward the marathon.  As much as I enjoy trail running, my first choice for a workout includes a bicycle.  I've been working in road and mountain bike rides during the week and on Sundays and am looking forward to MTB Camp this weekend! 
Mid-Mountain Aspens - Sunday MTB with the Girls
Kelly flying down Crescent Mine Grade
Celebrating Tour de France 2012
Sunflowers make hill intervals a little less painful