February Adventures

I'm finally having a quiet Monday night at home with no plans but reading and blogging while Terry works another late night.  In the last 3 weeks, I've fallen behind on my 2014 goals and more importantly, we didn't receive any assistant applications.  Now I've got so much on my mind and several topics to speak on, that I'm stuck and don't know where to begin.  I started this blog as a log of our adventures to keep family and friends updated, so that's the plan.

February kicked off with the Ice Trip!  An ice storm was headed toward Cincinnati and hit Tuesday night making my project workshop very memorable.  In addition, my back hadn't improved much, so I was filling up ziplocs at the ice machine and finding relief whenever I had a chance.  I had a team of 9 flying in from 4 different locations while the midwest and east were getting pummeled by the next round of polar vortex.  We beat the odds and everyone made it in Monday night.  Tuesday's workshop was cut short by a mandate to leave the office and get back to the hotel before the ice hit.  We bundled up and walked thru sno-cone snow to dinner at Taste of Belgium with ice pelting our cheeks.  Wednesday morning we made it back to the office although all the schools were closed.  The bitter cold followed the ice, so Wednesday night was dinner close by and more ice on the back.  Thursday's drive was worse but the workshop went great and the flight home uneventful.
Project Team enjoying Taste of Belgium during the Ice Storm
Downtown Cincinnati - Thursday morning thaw out

After a short night's sleep, I stayed at home Friday morning to pack for the next trip then went to the office to pack since we were moving to our new office over the weekend.  Back to the airport for the 5th time in 6 weeks but this time for fun and with Terry!  We were off for 5 days in Scottsdale for his work and some time in the saddle.
Arizona Bound

The resort was beautiful and we were able to ride for 3 days before the meetings officially started.  I worked in the hotel room and got one more ride in during lunch on Tuesday.  We also spent time in the pools and with all the warmth and activity, my back was starting to improve.  We said goodbye to 70-80F temps and headed back home where a storm had left us a driveway disaster only fit for the new snowblower.
Scottsdale Resort
Fountain Hills Ride 
Mt Lemmon Ride - Tucson Overlook
Mt Lemmon Ride - My Turnaround Point
Don't forget to check out Mailbox Monday for some Arizona creativity that I found at the base of Mt Lemmon.
Carefree Ride - Another "turnaround early and ice back in van until Terry arrives" Ride
Hotel Workspace
5 days of sun are done, time to go back home to snow
From sunny AZ to snowy UT in under 2hrs!

Thursday and Friday were back at work in the new office!  It is a gorgeous space and one of the best locations in Park City.  Friday night, Sharon and Rob drove in and we all went out to dinner to celebrate friendship and Valentine's Day.  Saturday morning, we had to leave our guests behind as we were off to turn in the Audi for the Ram.  Terry had a hard time trading in the red sports car for a big truck, but I'm happy and really enjoying the new ride!
Out with the Audi
So many things going on in this photo - all unintentional - one of my favorite pics
In with the Ram
We had a nice weekend with Sharon and Rob; eating out, catching up, watching Celtic Nights, and enjoying the Olympics and NBA All-Star games.  The weather was weird enough that we rode Saturday afternoon and skied Sunday morning before the lightning and thunder shut down the lifts.  They left Monday, and unlike many Americans, we worked.
Saturday Ride
Sunday Ski
With a full week at home, I was able to get to the gym each day and make a dent on tasks that the ghost assistant has yet to complete.  Terry worked late most nights while I finally made my hair appointment, attended a college alumni board meeting, spent time visiting CB and Corrie, and got my back officially looked at.  It appears that I'm just dealing with muscle and tendon issues and no nerve damage, so that's good news.  We spent the weekend like the week, working and catching up on tasks.  We also got massages and took a private yoga class, which was very peaceful and healing.

So there you have it, three weeks of adventure.  I don't have any travel planned until Mid-March, but the calendar is full of activities and we are looking forward to several upcoming events.  I should even have time to get back on track with blogs and other goals.