2013 Holidays & 2014 Goals

After a long blog break and wonderful holiday season, I'm back for another year of capturing our adventures.  We spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's at home with so many days at PCMR I've lost count.  We even bought really fun and fast carver skis to keep us entertained on days without fresh snow.

Christmas Day Selfie

In addition to all the skiing, other highlights over the last 6 weeks include;
1. Calgary Business Trip
2. Thanksgiving Adventures with friends & my parents
3. Christmas Tree Set-up (last year's Save the Tree project)
4. Southern California Business Trip
5. New Roof
6. Truck Purchase / Car For Sale
7. Christmas Adventures with friends
8. Holiday Parties
9. Olympic Trials - Nordic Combined & Ski Jumping
10. Montana Tech Alumni Event (last year's event which was similar)

Happy Holidays

I've always enjoyed making resolutions (a good blog subject if only I could remember them all), so before figuring out 2014, I reflected on 2013.

2013 Highlights
- 30 Days of Biking
- California Vacation
- Park City Job
Tulsa Tough
- Landscaping & Wildlife
- Friends & Family

2013 Need to Improve
- Spent a lot of time cooking in order to have healthy vegan meals
- Didn't skate ski once
- Did lots of shorter mountain bike rides, but not a big adventure
- Didn't trail run/hike as much as previous year
- Cancelled 2wk vacation to Italy and didn't take the time off anyway
- Increased work travel

For 2014, I wrote down goals in 5 categories.  They say if you don't share your goals, you aren't as accountable, so here they are.  I've still got some specifics to work out, but it feels good to go into the 1st Monday of 2014 with a plan.

January Goal Review