Assistant for Hire

I made it through the rest of my San Francisco trip and landed safely back in Utah last Friday.  My last 2 1/2 days were jam-packed.  I started Wednesday early with a visit to the YMCA and ended up playing full-court pickup with the guys.  I must have held my own, since they invited me back.  After work, I headed back to the Y for a pilates class and then had dinner at The Plant Cafe Organic with a coworker.  

I went for a walk Thursday morning and was treated to a gorgeous sunrise then work followed by our holiday party.  Another early wake-up for more basketball wasn't in the cards, so I got up at the last moment, packed, and headed to the airport.
San Fran Sunrise - Thursday
I've been packing it in this week trying to make up for 3 weeks away.  We skied and biked on Saturday, but passed on a Sundance movie.  Sunday, we skied, said goodbye to my parents, then had sports massages.  Monday was an errand day, yoga Tuesday morning and cycling class at night, and more yoga Wednesday.  Tonight, I'm nursing a shoveling-induced back injury.
Another weekend of fast turns on the carver skis.  (Fresh snow finally arrived last night!)
Saturday Apres-Ski Spin
If only we had to work and exercise like life on a business trip, or better yet retire and exercise.  Now that I've been home for a week, the tasks we put off are stacking up.  Fortunately my parents helped out with house chores while they were here for Sundance.  My Mom also had a great idea that has us thinking. She decided that we need a grandma or someone that could help with cooking, laundry, and all those other chores and errands that we don't enjoy.  Unfortunately she's not offering to pay for this assistant, but it is definitely worth investigating.

Terry and I both spend all day at work managing people and projects.  We are constantly analyzing risks and rewards to make quick decisions.  Communicating internally and externally to keep projects moving forward and successful.  We enjoy our jobs and work hard during the day in order to leave it at the office.  
Park City Sunrise - Monday
Once we get home, the last thing either of us wants to do is manage, make decisions, communicate effectively, you name it.  We go to exercise classes so someone else can tell us what to do.  We are also very good at communicating with minimal words.  If we haven't cooked meals on the weekend to get us through the week, then we do soup and salads until the weekend comes around again.  Once we've exercised, I relax with a book or blogging, while Terry finds something on TV.  We are very happy, we just could really use that assistant!

In my spare time (haha) maybe I'll do some research and create a job description.  Families worldwide hire nannies for their children, nurses for their elderly relatives, housecleaners, cooks, & gardeners.  In Utah, some families just have oodles of kids and/or spouses to help get things done.  We don't need that, we just need a person that can do a little of everything so we can take a few more tasks off our plate.  The difficult part is they would have to be so reliable and good, that we wouldn't have to manage, make decisions, or communicate.

As I ice my back one more time, I'm thinking about how we'll have to get up earlier than normal to snowblow and prepare for the housecleaner.  Maybe my dreams of an assistant will come true and we'll wake up to clean driveway, laundry, and house!