Rehab Just Got Real

After three months and three light physical therapy appointments, I'm finally starting official shoulder rehab. Today marked Week 7 from surgery and was the 1st time where I could start using my muscles to help gain movement. I'll be going to sessions 3 times per week for the next month and the home exercises will start ramping up, it's going to be very time consuming but so worth it. My goal is to go on a bike ride by August 1st, and then do at least one Gran Fondo or long ride in October.

I'm happy for the positive milestone, yet sad as I had to choose rehab over the Tour of California. We've had this week on the calendar since our ToC vacation last year. The women will be racing the final four stages and our plan was to at least follow those four stages, if not more. Terry is going to catch at least one stage and cowbell for me, while I cheer on the teams from home. It's a major bummer, but I need to get back on the bike and can't afford a setback. The men started racing yesterday and the women start on Thursday. Both race their final stage on Sunday in Sacramento. I highly suggest you make the trip and watch in person, but if not, please follow on Tour Tracker and show your support. Our Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling Team got an invite and I can't wait to see how the ladies perform against the best teams in the world.

This past week, we both were back on the Pacific Coast for work. I spent three long days in Seattle at a conference and Terry returned to San Diego. The weather was gorgeous in the Emerald City, but I only had time to do hot laps around the hotel a couple times during the day and then walk to dinner at night.

Tuesday morning from plane before 3 days in the airport hotel
Small lake near the hotel - good reflection point between meetings and dinners

I took a vacation day Friday for a "me" day. Physical therapy, followed by a long walk and lunch, then my 1st massage since late February. On Saturday, I continued the pampering with my friend who is also going thru shoulder rehab. We did a special pilates rehab session, hiked, and then enjoyed a late lunch. Sunday morning, we met up with friends with plans to hike/ride and brunch. The perfect summer weather from Friday and Saturday had been forced out by more winter weather, so after 30 minutes of miserable, we called it quits and enjoyed a nice meal and conversation. I spent the rest of the weekend icing and recovering from the week's activity in preparation for this week's rehab ramp.

Friday Vacation Day
Friday Fly Fishing - guess I'm not the only one taking a day off work