More April Fun in the California Sun

We've been home from California a week and I'm ready to go back. It rained all weekend in Park City with temps barely reaching the 50's. I've been to the gym four days in a row rather than walking in the California sun. On the bright side, I had my shoulder appointment and got released from the sling. I've also started physical therapy with strict orders to get worked on at least 2 times a week for the next 6 weeks. That's going to make it hard to escape the May showers and get back to California. For now, blog pictures will have to do.

After nine perfect and fun-filled days in Northern California, we drove south to San Diego for another week of remote work. Terry was in meetings each day, while I planned to work from the hotel. Plans changed slightly sending me on a day trip to Salt Lake City and another to Los Angeles, but we still got to spend each night together exploring the beach and city.

We drove home last Sunday and I was back on the plane Tuesday to Austin for work meetings. Terry spent the week at home and we had a little time to catch-up on Friday before his family arrived for Mother's Day weekend.

For more California pics, check out the last blog, Mailbox Monday, and Wildlife Wednesday.

NoCal hikes don't disappoint
Redwood Circle
Going to miss this NoCal view
Relaxing by the hotel pool, with a book and a sling
Lunch walk to UC San Diego
Beach walk before dinner
SoCal Surfers
More research - we could drive around the globe while we work - hmmm
Rooftop breakfast meeting in LA
Back to San Diego for walk in city before dinner
We spend a lot of time apart for work, but nothing like our military heroes
I walk, Terry rides
A quick 2hrs at the San Diego Zoo on Friday night - giraffes are our favorites
Back to the city for delicious vegan Italian at Civico 1845 - our 2nd night in a row
From the Zoo to the La Jolla Sea Lions
Off for a long ride on Hwy 101
While I'm off for 3hr hike in Torrey Pines State Reserve 
Torrey Pines - Views North
Torrey Pines - Views South
Last night in California, tomorrow we begin the long drive home - unless a train arrives
Home, to Austin, and back Home - 1st walk without the sling!