New Career Adventure

I returned home from my 4 States in 2 Weeks trip including a Sponsor Life weekend and promptly resigned from my job. After 2 weeks of goodbyes, I spent a weekend unemployed then embarked on my new career adventure. I'm only 1 week in, but so far, so good.

Although my work life is an integral part of my adventures, I've been very cautious about going into details on my blog. Many corporations restrict company mentions in anything other than LinkedIn, while others I've kept it discrete for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately I've had a couple cases where coworkers and/or customers have gotten a little too close for comfort. There is also the security concern that comes with sharing my adventures across the internet. By putting myself out on social media and in this blog, I realize that I'm opening up that possibility and often struggle where to draw the "sharing" line.

With that said, I'm very thankful to the start-up company that I left after 4 years. I gave them my all and am leaving with new skills, relationships, accomplishments and memories. If you've been reading my blog, many of my adventures came from trips to customers and prospects across the US, Canada, and Australia. In the end, there were a few issues that needed to be resolved, including the intense travel schedule.

This new career adventure ticks almost every box, including working in a Park City office and getting back to my engineering and manufacturing roots. It happened quickly and I'm a believer in the karma that made it so. Time will tell if I'll blog more openly about the company, I'm excited about the product and the benefits. Compared to previous companies I've worked for, our products are available to everyone reading and not just corporations.

The last 3 weeks have been consumed by emotions, transitions, and learning (outgoing and incoming). To add to the stress, we are still in the midst of our house remodel, Terry's traveling a lot, and it's Shoulder Season (aka Sprinter) in Park City which makes workouts a challenge. This weekend, I'm thankful for a chance to catch my breath with no major plans other than March For Science and Earth Day celebrations.

Friday night ride with Terry as another snowstorm rolls in
(also had a moose sighting - check out Wildlife Wednesday)
Saturday - Real Salt Lake (early 1st Half)

Real Salt Lake (2nd Half Snowmageddon)

Midweek ride

Saturday Unemployed Ride
(the Time is soon to be unemployed too - stay tuned!)

Easter Sunday ride to all the ski resort parking lots to check out end of season parties

Floors are finally done!
March for Science - Park City Old Town

Amazing Scientists!
I just purchased Dr Coles book "The Earth is Not Flat" and hope to see them all speak again.

Earth Day is Every Day


  1. Jenny, Good luck with your new career switch. Anxious to hear more about it.
    I'm with you on keeping work (when working for someone) and social media life limited. We have strict policies at the hospital were I work. I cringe when I see FB posts of people from work posting photos on FB from work, while they're working plus mentioning where they work. Easy way to get fired. On my last day of work when I retire...I might consider actually disclosing where I work. Hope to catch up with you one of these days.


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