Two Weeks, Four States

I like to use my birthday to set goals and assess how I'll attack the year to come. Similar to New Year's Resolutions, I evaluate my relationships, health, career, passions and accomplishments for the upcoming year. I made a few major decisions in January and have been acting on them, but still like to set aside time the day before to reflect.

My schedule didn't cooperate as I spent my birthday eve hustling between time zones and work meetings. It's hard to reflect while a Rabbi keeps falling asleep on your shoulder. Finding time since my birthday to reflect has been difficult, but that doesn't mean I haven't been attacking my new year.

The last three weeks have remained intense, some of it self-induced. After spending my birthday week traveling in San Diego and Detroit, I had a week at home that deserves it's own book, let alone blog. More on that later, but it is all very positive and I'm excited for the future.

I'm now in my final days of a two week trip to four States. First to Las Vegas for a conference, then to LA, followed by a few days of cycling in Malibu, back to LA, then home for 14hrs, next to Houston for 24hrs, and finally to Fayetteville to support the Visit Dallas DNA team at the Joe Martin Stage Race.  I'll cover the race in a future Sponsor Life blog, for now, here are some pictures from my adventures. Sponsor Life: Joe Martin Stage Race now up!

Park City - Spring skiing in the mountains, melting in the valleys
Monday morning flight to Las Vegas - the start of a 2 week, 4 State adventure
My view from Las Vegas hotel room
From Vegas to LA for a weekend of friendships and cycling
Malibu Sunset
Hill climbing for these two
Base miles and selfies for us

So many trips to Sunlife Organics - yum!
Selfie of a Selfie

Having fun at the laundromat
Gorgeous views along and above the Pacific Coast Highway

One more selfie
Finally got a group photo on our last day

One last photo from PCH