Our 1st Park City Xmas

The last 3 weeks have been unexpected, both positive and negative.  Looking back on my last blog on a quiet Saturday morning on Dec 8th, we had several plans for the holidays, but who knew that we would go 14 nights in a row with some type of social commitment plus experience a few unforeseen events.  All is calm again tonight on a peaceful New Year's Day in front of the fireplace.

I had to go back through our pictures to confirm that this year was our 1st Xmas in Park City after moving here 10 years ago!  People save for years to spend their holidays in our winter wonderland, but we had always taken the time off work and left town to the tourists.  After this year, we'll have a tough decision to make, especially when the snow is decent and friends are in town.  We missed our families but have plans to see them all in the next few months and will celebrate appropriately.
Backyard Snow Ribbon - Views like this also make it hard to leave

I'll try to keep the words to a minimum and tell the story of December 2012 in pictures and dates.  You can use your imagination for all the gaps.  Hope your Holidays were as precious and memorable as ours.

Sat Dec 8th: Utah loses their 1st game of the season (after 8 wins) to BYU.  We arrive in Midway for 17hrs (not many sleeping) of another amazing and crazy company holiday party. What happens at the party, stays at the party - but as always, I can't wait to celebrate again next year with a great group of people.
Minor Whiplash, No Concussion

Sun Dec 9th: We arrive at PCMR directly from Midway for a few hours of skiing since we have fresh snow and full bellies from the brunch.  As we leave the parking lot and are stopped at a stop sign, we get rear-ended by another car leaving the ski area.  1st wreck for me and unfortunately both the Audi and I were injured.  The Audi has been in the shop for a few weeks and I've been attending physical therapy for whiplash.  Terry was thankfully uninjured and the person seems to have good insurance.

Mon Dec 10th thru Thurs Dec 13th: Work, hassles from the wreck, cycling classes, wine night with the neighbors, and a long cooking night to catch up on 2 weeks of SFF produce.

Fri Dec 14th: Finally a good blizzard arrives, Joe & Kelly's open house, and we watch the girls for the night.

Sat Dec 15th: The plan was to ski with the girls, go to the Utah basketball game, and then another company party in Midway. The reality was cancer.  Christian didn't feel well and had been losing energy since his last treatment, so Terry took him to the ER and they ended the day back at Huntsman so Christian could get his counts up and reduce his fever.  I took the girls skiing and with Erin's help, we kept the day as normal and fun as possible.  Emily & Chad took the girls for the next 24hr shift, while I met Terry at Huntsman.  Then I almost had a celery allergy attack at dinner, but caught it and avoided a 2nd trip for Terry to the ER.
Erin & The Girls enjoying post-skiing Cheetos!
Sun Dec 16th: Spent the day at Huntsman enjoying Christian's company and watching him heal while giving updates to Corrie as she was away on a well deserved trip with girlfriends.  Also attended a party as part of the girls weekend and met some wonderful new friends, in addition to seeing Santa and singing carols.

Mon Dec 17th thru Thurs Dec 20th: More work, more blizzards and dangerous driving in a rental car, my last 2 cycling classes before the holidays, Christian comes home from Huntsman, cycling celebration dinner, drinks with a good friend, and another Utah basketball game.

Fri Dec 21st thru Tues Dec 25th: 1st Holiday Break
 - Terry skis 5 days, Jenny 4
 - 4 dinners with friends (3 out, 1 in)
 - 1 movie out (This is 40)
 - Zoo Lights with 5 adults and 4 energetic children
 - Extra Cooking to make Terry's holidays yummy - 2 quiches, 1 ham, 2 batches of candy cane cookies
JB & Joe rocking the Magic Carpet
Zoo Lights
Terry getting some Xmas Day powder turns
Wed Dec 26th thru Fri Dec 28th: Work and continued Holiday celebrations
 - Snowshoe hike and dinner with Kelly & Joe
 - Emily & Chad holiday party
 - Early morning physical therapy sessions
 - 3 snowy & long commutes to work
 - Terry works, but also gets in a few hours skiing and visits to Huntsman during Christian's next treatment

Sat Dec 29th thru Tues Jan 1st: 2nd Holiday Break
 - We both ski 4 days
 - Utah basketball game and dinner in SLC
 - Ladies Ski Afternoon and Drinks
 - New Year's Eve dinner and celebration with friends
 - Main Street people-watching & New Year's Day late lunch
Cold Ski Days for Utah, but lots of Blue Sky
Jenny after hiking Jupiter Peak
Obviously, we could have done without the negative situations but the positives are a fantastic reminder that we live in a beautiful place and have wonderful friends.  The deep relationships we've built the last few months, plus the new friendships we've made are better than any material Xmas present.  Here's to a happy & healthy 2013!