Waiting for Paint to Dry (Basement Remodel Part 2)

We are making steady progress on the basement. If you missed the first post, story and before pics here.

At the end of the last update, the texturing was complete and the painting was planned for the following day. I traveled for work and 3 days later returned to a green basement! Officially it is Bamboo Shoot and we are very happy with our decision and can't wait to see it against the custom woodwork.

Entry Way - where the new bench and cabinet will be installed
Bamboo Shoot and Texturing Close-up
Bike Shop - It's supposed to be that way, the wainscot goes on bottom

That weekend, we brought wood floor samples home to try and make a decision against the new walls. Turns out even though we have a contractor, we could really use that assistant to make decisions on colors. We had already spent hours at the showroom and thought we had narrowed it down, but still couldn't commit. We figured we did ok on the paint, so we waited until Monday, then pulled the trigger.
So many options...
Can't make a decision...
Narrowing it down at home ...

We also had to make decisions on hardware, electrical outlet covers, and the wainscot stain. While we wait for flooring, the doors are being stressed and treated. Otherwise, most of the trim is ready and staged while our custom woodwork and the hooks are in process!
Just one option - the industrial look (the switch would be black)
Wainscot Stain Options (1)
Wainscot Stain Options (2)
Window trim ready to go

Then, we did the unthinkable and drove to IKEA on a rainy Saturday afternoon. The plan was to buy all the pieces for a custom closet in the bike shop. We weren't impressed and headed home. The next day, we researched online, took measurements, did a little design work, and made an order with The Container Store.

Then, we waited and continued to watch the paint dry for a couple weeks. We have figured out how to live without the basement and have actually found some conveniences, like taking groceries up the outside stairs rather than through the garage. Having the trainer in the living room is also great motivation to stay on the training program.

On Thursday, I had ReStore (Habitat for Humanity) pick up another load of furniture that we've decided won't go back into the basement. Nothing feels better than minimalizing (is that a word?) while helping a family in need!
Saying goodbye to the red couch, TV stand, and old snowblower.

This week, the closet components arrived in several deliveries and we took advantage of a snowy Sunday morning to install it. I can't wait to finish it up once the flooring and trim are installed.
Time to Build out the Closet
Bike Shop Closet
Additional components

I'm on another business trip this week and if all goes well, I'll come home to flooring installation and possibly some new trim. Of course, the perfect homecoming would be my hooks, but those are likely a few weeks out.

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