Looking Forward to 2016

I have big hopes for 2016, I just have to get through the rest of 2015. Last week was jam-packed and this week has more of the same, then hopefully things slow down for the final two weeks. At least we both were able to take the weekend off from our real jobs and spend some quality time on the slopes and with friends.

The prior weekend, we took a short ski break on Sunday, but otherwise were consumed by work projects. I turned in two proposals on Tuesday evening and had a few hours to celebrate before jumping right back into critical meetings Wednesday morning. 

I was relieved to take a lunch break and talk women's cycling with Alex. Supporting Tour of Utah Women's Edition and the new Visit Dallas-DNA women's team are on my 2016 list and it's going to be a great experience! 

On Thursday, I flew to Phoenix for work. I soaked up the warm weather in between meetings, then flew home to a blizzard. The drive home from the airport was one of the worse I've experienced in 12 years. That storm didn't produce much are signs that we'll a snowy 2016.

I kept my early morning training regimen intact Friday morning and got on the bike before snowblowing the driveway. Another full (and stressful) work day combined with activities for our consulting company followed. It isn't just women's cycling that has me looking forward to 2016, but more on other projects later.

We tried to take advantage of our weekend by attending the FIS Nordic Combined ski jumping, attending holiday parties, dinners, and skiing both days. Even though we are excited for the new year, 2015 is going too fast.

Sunday Ski Break - Fancy Schmancy Miners Camp
SLC to PHX for the day
Terminal 3 PHX Carpet - 2nd to last airport on my 2015 schedule
FIS Nordic Combined at Olympic Park - Team Austria warming up
FIS Nordic Combined at Olympic Park - Taylor Fletcher
FIS Nordic Combined at Olympic Park - Saturday Round 1 results
Saturday turns at Canyons Village
Sunday Ski-Date with the Girls