Boise Friends and Family

A couple weeks ago, I got word that I needed to be in Boise the following Thursday. It would be my last work travel trip in 2015 and if it were anywhere else, I would have flown in Thursday morning and out Thursday night. After a few quick texts, I booked my flight for Wednesday through Saturday and then started counting the days until the trip. Not because of work, but because of all my family and friends that live in the Boise area.

I moved to Boise for a job with Jabil Circuit back in December 1998. I remember my brother Eric drove up from Elko to visit during my interview trip. Who knew that almost 20 years later, it would still be the place where we reunite. I met Sharon and Rob almost immediately and we've remained good friends since. My work meetings were in the same neighborhood where I had an apartment, exercised at the Y, and could walk to work. As I waited for my colleague in a bagel shop, I thought about all the adventures with my Jabil coworkers/friends. We had such a great time, I joined the project team and moved to Florida/Italy and lived with Sharon and Rob when I was back in town. While away, I met Terry and he proposed, which brought us back to Boise. We bought a home in Meridian, planned our wedding at Brundage, and were close to Terry's sister and her family. We got to spend time with our nephew and were there for our niece's birth. In early 2002, our jobs changed and we moved to Montana.

The rest is history for us, but at some point, my brother and his family moved to Meridian where Terry's sister had moved from downtown Boise. Then, a few years ago, they both moved again to the same neighborhood in Boise. We try to visit every year and have to be very organized with our time in order to spend time with both families, plus friends. Sharon and Rob were still in Meridian and friends Leslie and Bob in downtown Boise, so we had to get creative.

Even this week's trip took some creativity and many texts. I flew in Wednesday afternoon, grabbed a rental, and went to Sharon and Rob's. Rob and I shot hoops at the nearby Y before we all had dinner and caught up on cycling plans for 2016. I said goodbye to them and their dogs, then drove to my brother's house to get settled and see my nephews before they went to bed.

No pickup or horse, but Rob and I were knocking 'em down.
Pretty (and high energy) Erie

Thursday was dedicated to work, but I took a break in the afternoon to attend my nephew's program and then watch the boys sled before dinner and video games.

Winter Program - so much more entertaining than work calls
Taking advantage of the snow before the rain takes it all away
Dinner with the Boys
Just like their Dad
Lego and I watched the video gaming

Battlefront Masters
Friday was more work, but again took a break for lunch to meet Jesus with Doc's Skincare and talk cycling. It's so much fun to meet people in person that you've gotten to know through social media. We are both sponsoring Visit Dallas-DNA in 2016 and excited about the upcoming season. After more work at my 3rd coffee shop in 2 days, I went back to catch up with my sister-in-law and help celebrate the start of winter break. We all crashed early and I kept my word to have a sleepover in my nephew's room.

Pre-Dinner Twister
Winter Break Celebration Dinner
Just a few more minutes...
Sleepover - somebody's playing possum

We started early Saturday (I didn't sleep so well at the sleepover) with another walk in the rain then a visit to Terry's family before breakfast with my niece. On the way to the airport, I met up with Leslie at coffee shop 4 and talked more cycling. By the time I flew home and had dealt with holiday airport crowds, I was done. I was definitely still a little homesick for my old Boise life, but happy to see Terry and my own bed. I didn't waste any time and slept for 12 hours.

Breakfast with the Birthday Girl
And the boys... yes, pizza (no cheese) is the new biscuits and gravy
Growing up too fast
So much fun being Auntie Jenny
Today we've had snow all day and got in a nice morning of skiing before we enjoy game night with friends. I'm feeling very fortunate to have had time with all my Boise family and friends as 2015 comes to a close. All the kids are growing up too fast and I need to do better, since a visit every 6 months isn't enough for Auntie Jenny. Guess I just need to find more reasons for work travel to Boise.

1st ride up QuickSilver
The kids went with the guys while...
The ladies enjoyed a quiet ride alone.