My Action Wipes Secret

I've been blogging for over 18 months and have mentioned products for no other reason than to relay my story like I would if talking to my family and friends.  After last week's update on my Patagonia inventory, I decided to try blogging occasionally about products that mean something to me and a story I believe in.  I started to make a mental list, but didn't want to do just a clinical product review but try to combine it with my story.

Luckily I didn't have to wait long, Action Wipes made a huge announcement on Tuesday and the next day, I used one of my last single packs after cycling class.  After ordering more tonight, it seemed fitting to do a product review to show my support and let everyone in on my secret.
Action Wipes Single Pack (early 2012 packaging)
My first interaction with Action Wipes (@actionwipes) was in January of last year.  I watch TourChats on Sunday evenings and the 1.22.12 episode included Fat Cyclist who was giving away prizes based on trivia questions.  I don't remember the question, but I won a bag of Single Pack Action Wipes which arrived in just a couple days.

The Action Wipes website is fantastic.  Take the time to click thru and you'll see that Martha Van Inwegen (@MarthaVan) took that leap of faith many of us think about and quit her job to do something she had passion for.  They have 2 base products made from ingredients that make this vegan with sensitive skin very happy!  I haven't used the Sports Spray, but I purchased some in tonight's order along with more Single Packs and a Multipack.  The Repurpose your Action Wipes page is also a fun read.  Obviously you can purchase the products on the website and the huge announcement I mentioned will only make Action Wipes more accessible as they partner with Harbinger (aka the evil babysitter) to increase their worldwide presence.  What a memorable Valentine's Day for Martha and her family! (12/19/14 Update: The partnership was memorable in a bad way, thankfully Action Wipes is back in action with a successful production day today!)
Action Wipes Ingredients and Info
Besides the great family story and amazing product, the best reason to support Action Wipes is because they support Women's Cycling!  I couldn't find a complete list of all the teams and events they sponsor, but I do know that they take care of the Velocio SRAM women's pro cycling team.  I love this photo from their sponsor page and I'm not even a coffee fan, but it reminds me of so many rides Terry and I have done that end at a coffee shop.

I honestly have used Action Wipes sparingly but they are perfect "for when you can't shower" as the motto states.  The feeling of going from sticky/grimy/sweaty to refreshed/dry is worth the 80 cents a wipe.  I remember a mountain bike ride in Southern Utah that we did before driving home and only had 1 Action Wipe.  Neither of us wanted to sit in the truck for 5hrs with red dirt covering our uncovered parts and chamois cream covering the covered parts, so we strategically shared the Action Wipe and had a pleasant drive home.
Terry riding on our last day of a Southern Utah Trip before we shared our last Action Wipe
Having Action Wipes after cycling class is priceless.  After a 90 minute workout, I'm a dripping mess.  My friend David and I compete for the largest pile of sweat under our bikes.  We both use several towels, but still can't stop the water works.  Usually I can drive home for a shower, but sometimes I have plans and don't want to be uncomfortable.  We don't have a shower at the facility, so it is a perfect application for Action Wipes. This Wednesday was our last class of Session 2, so as tradition has it, we all go out for dinner to celebrate surviving another 6 week block.  With Action Wipes, I'm able to clean up and smell nice which was needed this week as 8 of us squeezed into a booth for pasta and beer.  By the time I got home, I forgot that I even needed a shower but jumped in since I still had a sweaty ponytail.  I guess if I cut off all my hair, I'd be able to just wipe down my head.  Hopefully Martha is already working on a hair product.
Lately I've been winning the Sweat Contest (right) but Action Wipes has my back
We've used Action Wipes for more than just cycling.  Just last Sunday, I wiped down between a sweaty snowblowing workout before spending the morning on the slopes, then straight to a college basketball game and a visit with a friend before getting a chance to shower.  They are also useful for long travel, especially those long international flights.  After watching Martha do a poison oak test on herself, I'm also hopeful that Action Wipes may help me deal with rashes from trail runs and mountain bike rides.  The single packs are small enough you can throw one in your saddle bag, glove compartment, purse, and in my case with allergies, my EpiPen pack.
Single Packs are almost the same dimensions as an iPhone but thinner
So now everyone knows my secret.  I may sweat with the best of them, but that doesn't mean I'll show up stinky and sticky if I don't have time to shower.  I wish Martha the very best with the new partnership and hope to see Action Wipes, Sports Spray, and future products in our local bike and ski shops.  This is also another way for me to support women athletes since I'm confident that Martha will continue to sponsor cycling teams and others as Action Wipes ( prospers.
12/19/14: Video message from Martha and Curtis on their return!