30 Best Moves in My 30s

I'm dangerously close to the big 4-0.  Yikes, even typing it is a bit scary.  Terry is tired of the focus being on "my" birthday since I've been saying "that's the last time I do blah,blah,blah in my 30s" for the last couple weeks.  His birthday is nearing also and he's looking for a clean start from a nagging back injury which was the highlight of his 40th year. But enough about him, this birthday really is about me.  There are several "40 things to do before you turn 40" lists on the web, but they are not for me.  I can see if you were prepared at 38, you could make your own list and with enough money and time, have a chance at succeeding.  I'm also not into big birthday parties or events. The common theme for most birthdays since I was in grade school involved skiing with friends.  Since I still have a few days before it's official, I'm hoping a look back at my 30s will keep my mind occupied until the milestone arrives.

30 Best Moves in My 30s

  1. Moving to Park City (Spring 2003) 
  2. Buying our 1st single road bikes (Summer 2003)
  3. Calling Joe for Financial planning services (2003)
  4. Season pass holders at Alta for years and now PCMR
  5. Signing up for our 1st cycling tour in France to watch Tour de France (Summer 2004)
  6. Deciding not to have children
  7. Returning to France for more cycling and even more climbing (Summer 2005)
  8. Pulling the trigger on our log home and abandoning plans to build (Feb 2007)
  9. Volunteering for Montana Tech Alumni Utah Chapter (2007)
  10. Starting our Moab tradition with the Cronley's (Spring 2008)
  11. Completing my 1st Triathlon (Summer 2008)
  12. Embracing trail running (Summer 2009)
  13. Returning to Italy after 9yrs for a cycling tour (Summer 2009)
  14. Adopting a Whole Foods Plant-Based / Vegan diet (Fall 2009) 
  15. Discovering California as a cycling vacation wonderland (2009, 2010, 2011)
  16. Suggesting my parents volunteer for Sundance (Spring 2010)
  17. Taking the risk to be part of a Startup (Winter 2010)
  18. Spending Christmas on our own reading and cycling in Italy (2010)
  19. Blogging at Giro d'Jenny (Fall 2011)
  20. Tweeting @GiroJenny (Fall 2011)
  21. Committing to official cycling training with Max Testa (Spring 2012)
  22. Supporting Women's Cycling
  23. Volunteering for Exergy Tour (Summer 2012)
  24. Returning to Priest Lake after 20yrs (Summer 2012)
  25. Completing my 1st marathon (Summer 2012)
  26. Season pass holder for University of Utah Women's Basketball (Fall 2012)
  27. Participating in Montana Tech Alumni Basketball game (Fall 2012)
  28. Choosing to stay home for Christmas for the 1st time (2012)
  29. Building friendships and being part of a supportive community network
  30. Living each day to its fullest and sharing it all with my birthday buddy and best friend

There is now no way I can feel sorry for myself and not be excited to spend another decade building memories like these 30.  I'm sure I've forgotten some major moves that have helped define my 30s, especially since I am almost 40 and getting older by the minute.  If you know me and think something's missing, please add it in the comments. I'm interested to see your thoughts.

In the meantime, maybe I'll start making my list of "50 things to do before I'm 50".  I'm definitely not ready for that one, but a list of new adventures and goals might make it more palatable.


  1. Jenny,
    Wow, what you've done in your 30's is more than some people do in a lifetime! #6, not having children definitely helps to allow you to do all those fun things. I don't regret not having children and don't feel a bit selfish spending money on myself because I work hard just like you do. I have enjoyed my 40's more than my 30's. Variety is the key to discovering new things and meeting new people and it looks like you're heading into your 40's with the right approach. Happy (early) Birthday.

  2. Thanks Leslie - I'm sure many don't agree with us about #6 and we would have been awesome Mom's, but we are really awesome at all the other things we do. Thanks for the tips, will do my best to follow in your footsteps. We need to ride soon. - Jenny


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