From Powder Turns to Team Camp

Terry and I have sponsored the Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling Team for a few years now. One of the best weeks of the year is team camp when all the riders come together to kickoff the season. Last year, I joined the team in Dallas for rides, media, and the team presentation. This year, team camp took place in Phoenix ending with the Valley of the Sun stage race over the weekend.

Our plan was to spend the week riding, visit the team a few times, and attend the race as spectators. We had vacation days planned and had narrowed in on lodging when Terry learned that he had to be in Seattle for work. I would still attend but just had to figure out the best logistics. With the possibility of snow for the weekend and only a couple "together" days, I opted to stay put until Monday. It was a great choice as the rain Friday night turned to snow and we had another great weekend on the mountain. Meanwhile, at team camp, all the racers and staff were arriving in Arizona and getting settled.

1st day in my new Strafe Outerwear ski kit!

Terry diving into the fog off Jupiter

Finding Freshies in the Fog

Jupiter Playground

Sunday was a reminder that the sun in Arizona was going to be amazing!

By Tuesday afternoon, we knew that Terry couldn't even make the weekend activities, so I booked a flight to Phoenix for the next morning. Since I was now solo, I figured I'd spend a little more time with the team and if needed, help out with team camp and the race. It turned out to be a very full 5 days of team activities and I had a blast! I see sponsorship as an investment in money and time, so it only made sense to jump into the thick of it and give what I had.

I could blog for hours and post hundreds of photos of my experiences with the team. Luckily, there were professionals documenting it all. Cathy, Anne-Marije, and Ali are crazy creative and it was fascinating to see their perspective. Some of the content is already out on social media and more will be coming throughout the year.

Later this week, I'll blog more about "that one time, at team camp". My take-away from the past week is that I love powder, but I really love the Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling team and what they stand for. It's going to be a fantastic year for women's cycling!

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