February Rain Wipes Out Janubury Snowfall

After an incredible January (Janubury) with cold temperatures and record snowfall, February has been incredibly disappointing. The temperatures were warm last Saturday and continued to increase all week reaching almost 60F in Park City at 6pm. From Monday on, the next set of storms moved across Utah resulting in steady rain and rapid melting. Stronger rain today has left us grieving for our exceptional January snow. There is some hope that the temperatures will drop tonight and the rain will turn to snow.

Thursday February 9th: Global Warming is Real
The roof finally gives after a week of rain and warm temps

My week was a strange mixture of old and new interactions. From coworkers resigning to new friends and opportunities, every day and discussion has been emotional, exciting, and educational. While Terry's been in Seattle, I've been balancing contractors, work, special events, workouts, and my future.

On Sunday, we went to the mountain expecting the conditions to be mediocre. We opted for the carver skis and attacked the groomers. Even though it was Superbowl Sunday, the crowds were insane. We bounced around the Park City side from Silverlode to Crescent and back to Motherlode avoiding as many tourists as possible. Our anticipated one hour workout stretched out to almost four hours.

My best interaction on the lifts was with a shy man in the Crescent lift line. Terry and I were next to load when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked behind expecting someone I knew while keeping an eye on the group in front of us so we wouldn't miss the chair. The man said he had skied behind me on the last run and wanted me to know that I was a very good skier and had beautiful technique. I thanked him as we moved out to get our chair, shaking my head at the interaction and kindness/boldness of this obviously shy man. After dealing with grumpy crowds all day it was a nice change and a reminder to seek out others on the mountain to pay it forward with a compliment.

Decision of the day - powder or carver skis?

Our mountain playgrounds and community are very dependent on snow

Silverlode crowds on Superbowl Sunday wrapping back up the mountain!

Wednesday, I attended the Leadership Park City 101 event and was very impressed. I had applied for the program a few years ago and plan to apply again this year. This is the 23rd year and fittingly took place on the 15th anniversary of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Over 100 community members were educated on a variety of topics including history, city council, education, special districts, Olympics, safety, tourism, recreation, and non-profits. As it should be, the current priorities of the Park City community are Energy, Housing, and Transportation. Taking a day away from the office to focus on my community gave me a boost and appetite to participate.

After a short trip home to check on the remodel, I spent Wednesday evening with Max Testa Training talking recovery and catching up with my cycling friends. After a year away, due to work travel and my shoulder injury, I'm back working with MTT on social media, training camps, and other events. If I can figure out a way to control my work travel, I'll get back to teaching indoor classes.

Dr Testa and Dr Guerra talking about recovery with music via Genote