Five Hour Oil Change

Don't tell my Dad (Mr. Oil Change) but my truck was 3wks and 2000 miles over the sticker. I made an attempt to get in before our Montana trip, but my travel and the dealership schedules couldn't sync. We have a Lifetime Warranty & Maintenance deal, so I'm limited to Heber City for service. Heber is only 30 minutes away but slightly inconvenient since we typically don't go there for anything else.

My appointment today was at 2:30p. I loaded up my bike at 2, battled I-80 delays, and arrived right on time. I went on a 90 minute ride around Heber Valley and was pleased to see all the Tour of Utah signage! In just over a week, Stage 4 starts and finishes at Soldier Hollow and Stage 7 races thru town before heading up Empire Pass as in previous years. The riders and fans are going to have some gorgeous views if today was any indication.

I arrived back to the truck a few minutes after they finished with the oil change. All the employees at the dealership were interested in where I rode and how hot it was (90F) while I got my keys and refilled my bottles. Unfortunately I forgot clothes to change into, so I was off to run a couple other errands in my cycling kit.

I went to Zermatt Resort to use up the gift card that just won't die. The sports store was open this time and after some shopping, I found hiking shorts and a 50% off winter coat. I went to the checkout and found out that this specific sports store isn't affiliated with the resort and therefore not obliged to honor the card. I know, I should have asked before wasting time shopping, but everything else on property is part of the resort so it didn't cross my mind. Frustrated and empty-handed, I went next door to the bakery and bought a few items on the eternal card before moving on to the next errand.

It was now after 5p, and since I was so close to Tarahumara, it made sense to grab dinner to go. Terry had to work all day, so it would be a nice surprise. The restaurant was packed and the line to order was longer than I'd ever seen. I took a deep breath, got caught up on social media, and waited it out. I finally ordered at 5:30p (it was on the receipt) and they said it would be 15-20 minutes. We've never ordered take-out, usually taking our time in the cantina, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I went outside for 15, then back inside to collect our favorites from the salsa bar. At 30 minutes, I stopped the woman from taking new orders and asked her to check on mine since it still wasn't up. At 45 minutes, I repeated the process and she started digging thru another order and found our burritos. If I wasn't still in my cycling chamois and had been drinking at the cantina, it probably wouldn't be a big deal, but I was ready to get home. I pulled into the driveway at 7p. The five hour oil change trip was complete. Next time, I'll bring a change of clothes and skip the errands.


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