Tour of Montana - The Big Ride

So many great things to say about The Big Ride but after being on the ride for 6hrs, in the truck driving home for the last 8, plus a flight out at 6am, tonight's blog is told in pictures. You definitely want to put Tour of Montana and The Big Ride on your list for next year. Amazing course!

7am - Course Recon
The 1st 30 miles flew by thanks to a fast peloton. Great views but no chance for pictures.
1st Rest Stop at start of 1st gravel section. Yummy gourmet sandwiches!
The peloton split up after the rest stop but Jeff from Arizona stayed with us.
Navigating the gravel climb
Back to pavement and a beautiful rolling descent back towards the highway
Perfect Day for The Big Ride in Big Sky Country
Terry & Jeff continue a strong pace, we averaged 18mph for the 90 miles.
Jeff & Terry ripping up the Nine Mile Road gravel section
As they continued on, I snapped another picture to the right.
and to the left. Got to love Montana! 
2nd Rest Stop - fresh watermelon and more gourmet sandwiches. This is the Pixie - beet & arugula yumminess!
I played navigator for our group and since none of us were from Missoula, the Cue Sheet got some use.
Clark Fork River Recovery before we jumped in the truck to drive home.