Acclimation Day

I always have the best intentions after a block of travel. I'll wake up early, get back to proper yoga and meditation, go for a bike ride during the day, and start the weekend early. I struck out today. I hit snooze, went right into back-to-back client meetings, and worked until 5p to be prepared for Monday's meetings. I did take a short break for lunch on the deck and we went for a hike before grabbing groceries for the weekend, so there was some life balance.

I need to start resetting my expectations and use my first day home for acclimation, for both work and play. The great news is I have 17 days before I'm back on a plane! I don't have many rest days until then with the Tour of Utah on the horizon, but that's travel and work I love. I'm officially on staff this year, compared to a local volunteer, so have plenty going on. 

Terry's 1st official trail hike since back surgery - we had lots to talk about after a week apart.