Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April Showers Bring California Smiles

We've lived in Park City for thirteen winters and whether it's El Niño o La Niña, April at 7000ft is so indecisive it drives us crazy. By mid-April, the ski resorts are closed and it's time to transition to full-on road cycling. The weather cooperates just enough for a few rides outside, but there is always a rogue snow storm that sends us back to the trainers in the basement. In order to keep sane, we typically head south for a long weekend of early season mountain biking.

After spending the last two months nursing my shoulder and with still three more weeks in the sling, a long weekend wasn't going to cut it. Fortunately we can both work remotely, so we packed up the truck for a California road trip.

We had limited wifi the first few days, but now we are operating at full speed (just in time for today's Flèche Wallonne bike race). We may not have our standing desks, but we can take our breaks outside instead of heading to the basement or the gym. We have been soaking up the sun, smelling the roses, and smiling. We are very pleased with our April escape to California!

April 14th - the day before we left
Salt Flats
Driving across Nevada
This Vegan Loves California Menus - Israeli Couscous for breakfast
I'm hiking, Terry's biking - views are fantastic either way!
No snow in these hills
If you can't ride em, hike em
Sunday trip to the city
Researching options for combining work and adventure

Hiking trails clear of snow
Is it really April?
Three more weeks of sling life - it's all good, especially in California

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Healing and Flowers

The most important news of the week is our friend Lauren is making progress! She was in a horrible crash last weekend at the San Dimas bike race. She's a member of the Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling Team and we've all been anxiously awaiting good news. As of Friday, she was talking and her teammates were #Riding4Roren at the Redlands Classic. It's been a tough week, but the team is strong and Lauren is the "strongest pony". There is a blog with medical updates and a GoFundMe to help with medical expenses.

Compared to Lauren's injuries and recovery, my shoulder is a mute point. I'm improving as expected and had a week at home to get back into the groove. Sadly, it took surgery to reduce my work travel, but I'll take it and have at least 2 more weeks without airports. My stitches are out and I'll be in the sling for another 5 weeks. I take it off a few times a day to do minor exercises and will get into the painful physical therapy sessions once I'm set free. I'm back to showering, chores, walks, and working. I've been one armed since the last dislocation on February 12th, so I'm decent at doing things with my right and my left is getting skinny.

I received more flowers this week. They are beautiful and brighten up the house while the backyard is still buried in snow, but I struggle with flowers as gifts. I know how expensive these must have been and they will soon be dead, so I appreciate the intent but also see the waste. Most are from my office and their way of saying "we appreciate you", I just wish the money would have gone toward a living plant or good cause, like Lauren's medical expenses. I will take the vases to a local flower company and that makes me happy that the gift will keep on giving.

This was the last weekend of skiing and last day to lock in next year's season pass. We are going to give Park City another chance. I'm hopeful this year's budget goes toward lift maintenance and keeping locals happy. For now, we move into a few weeks of shoulder season before the next wave of tourists arrive.

If you ski in/out of Old Town, you had to either walk the last few turns or take the chair down.
Neighborhood trails are almost snow free

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Let the Recovery Begin

This week's blog is going to be light on words since I'm down 5 fingers and lacking concentration. I shoved 40hrs of work into the first part of the week, including a trip to Minneapolis. I landed in SLC early Thursday morning already on a fluid/food ban. By 9:30a, we were headed to the hospital for my long awaited shoulder surgery. I don't remember all of the details, but the surgery was a success. My torn labrum is now anchored back down and my bone and rotator cuff weren't in need of repair.

The last four days have been slow going, but Terry has been an awesome nurse and I'm improving by the hour. I'm on a strict schedule of food, meds, ice, sleep, and pillow positioning. I have a couple minor exercises to keep me busy and a follow-up appointment next week to determine when I'll start PT. I plan on taking at least another day off work and at least a week off from airports. Thanks to everyone that checked in on us, it definitely helps the recovery process!

Thursday Morning - Pre Surgery
Ok, let's do this.
Or maybe not, starting to get nervous.
Yes for Left Shoulder
Flowers and Fruit
Day 1 Recovery (Friday)
More flowers
Day 3 Recovery (Sunday)

Fortunately, this weekend was full of women's cycling and basketball to keep my mind occupied. Unfortunately, Lauren De Crescenzo (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling) had a bad crash at the end of Saturday's San Dimas Stage Race. We are sending all our love and positive vibes her way as she recovers in the hospital. My silly shoulder recovery is nothing compared to what she and her family are experiencing. Love ya Lauren, get better pony!