Sunday, February 7, 2016

Wasatch Powder Flu

Who cares what the weather forecast says, it seems if I blog about skiing, the storms keep coming. Last Sunday, we were exhausted after another amazing weekend of powder, then woke up Monday to a surprise storm. Although I'm in the same state this afternoon and temps are nearing 40F, I'm hoping a blog full of ski love does the trick.

So, back to Monday morning and the sleeper storm. I went out to snowblow and got a little touch of the Wasatch Powder Flu when I realized we had over 6" overnight and it was still coming down. I quickly came inside, confirmed almost a foot on the mountain, then infected Terry. We took care of emails, made a few excuses, and headed out to look for a cure.

Just need a few "sick" hours to try & shake off the Wasatch Powder Flu

Responsibility kicked in just in time for me to catch a lunch meeting and then we both worked into the night, but the powder shots that morning were worth it. I only had one day of travel this week compared to the prior three weeks of craziness. It still wasn't a simple 8-5, but at least I slept in my own bed every night and stuck to my training plan. I shifted my schedule to support a colleague in Australia through Wednesday and then spent all day Thursday in Seattle.

Groundhog Day - at least 6 more weeks of shoveling camp
So many vegan options in Seattle, including these Banana Pancakes topped off at the fruit bar!
Sending silly photos back to the office

Saturday was not only our regular rendezvous with Team Green & Red, but there were several events to keep us occupied. There were a couple kid's races and the Snowboard Grand Prix at Park City, then the FIS Dual Moguls at Deer Valley. The first two involved Team G&R VIPs, while the last two brought out Olympic level athletes from around the world. We are fortunate to have a "stay-cation" every single weekend, which easily outweighs our frustration at Vail Corp, tourists, and traffic. Plus we've lived here long enough to know the secrets to avoiding the crowds and chaos.

Team G & R plus Hazel (the smallest singles rider ever)
Same trees from Monday's powder day pic. Still some fresh turns to be found on Saturday, but had to work for them.
Team Elise
Elise on her way to a Cookie Medal
Berkley on Blue Course going for the win
Grand Prix Superpipe - final prep work before competition starts
Check out Chloe Kim's history making run here.
FIS Dual Moguls - Preliminary Rounds about to start

We decided to leave the powder skis in the truck today and let the carvers run. We moved around the mountain as the crowds grew, cranking turns and smiling in the sunshine. We had several interesting lift rides. Many were with locals lamenting the new ownership, but at the same time we were all on their mountain enjoying the day with no intention of "striking" so there was really no point grumbling. Our favorite conversation was with an older couple from the UK, both civil engineers. He's working on a PhD, had never met a person from Montana (until me), and they were just lovely. Looking back, we missed an opportunity to invite them to dinner and learn more about their achievements. Moments like this, fun with friends every Saturday, and Olympic caliber events are just a few reasons we live here and will never shake the Wasatch Powder Flu.

Carver Day
Silver King Smiles

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Weekend Powder Monkies

My crazy January travel schedule continued this week. Rather than dwell on Monday morning's flight, we got out early Sunday to enjoy the snow and spend time exploring the mountain. Thanks to a decent snow year in the Wasatch, we've been able to drop into areas that would have ruined our skis and bodies the past few years.

Terry focused on the day ahead - where shall we go?
We found goodies in the trees off McConkey's
After last week's 4 day multi-city travel, I was actually looking forward to an easy 2 day multi-city to Portland and Denver. Things got interesting on the drive from the airport to the client when my laptop decided it had had enough. I got it to limp through a meeting and then it died for good. I spent most of Monday rebooting and trying different restart codes with no luck. I sent the distress signal early, and a new computer would be in my hands on Wednesday. That meant that I had to use my colleagues laptop all day Tuesday. It required a lot of scrambling, but both presentations went well and the client had no idea. Not the easy trip I had hoped for.

There's something about Portland - love the vibe
Sushi with colleagues then dessert
Hotel Monaco - only got a few hours due to early flight to Denver for Tuesday meetings.
 The rest of the week, I split between home and the office. My parents were busy with Sundance volunteer duties, but we had a little time to catch up. Last year, they came early to help with Terry's back surgery recovery while I traveled. This year, they helped again with shoveling, house repairs, and chores. Over the weekend, they celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. We went out for dinner and watched a movie while the next storm moved in.

Mom got carded at dinner!
Anniversary hot fudge sundae
We enjoyed another weekend of powder and fun with friends. We headed to Jupiter as soon as the ropes dropped and had a blast. It snowed all day and the powder was plentiful. I went straight from the mountain to massage making for a very sore Sunday morning. We said goodbye to my parents and headed back for more. We randomly met up with a couple sets of friends and had a good day. A quick nap and more shoveling once we got home and now the next storm has moved in. I don't travel until the end of the week so maybe I'll sneak in a few mid-week turns.

Corrie, Kelly, and Me - it's going to be a great day!
Jupiter lines were worth it
Team G & R at the top of the hike in blizzard conditions
Powder Monkey 6-Pack on Sunday
It's piling up out back

Saturday, January 23, 2016

2016 is Flying By - On Skis, Bikes, and Planes

I've barely been home in 2016 to do laundry let alone blog, but wanted to get a few photos posted before February arrives. Due to amazing snow conditions, cycling camp, and brutal work travel, January has flown by. I much prefer time traveling by skis or bike, but unfortunately I've also been logging air miles. Although the work travel isn't desirable, I'm making the most of the conditions no matter the mode of transportation.

Dec 31, 2015 - More Holiday Break skiing. So cold. Followed by fun times ringing out the old and bringing in the new with cycling friends in SLC.

Jan 1, 2016 - Happy New Year. Even colder.

Jan 2, 2016 - Skiing in the morning, Utes Women's Basketball with the neighbors in the evening.

Jan 3, 2016 - Last day of Holiday Break. Ready for a recovery day.

Jan 4-8, 2016 - Back to work, at least I only had to go into the office and not into a plane. Also helped out with Max Testa Training studio setup and got a little more serious on the trainer workouts.

Jan 9, 2016 - More snow, more skiing. Kid's lessons started so that frees up Corrie, Joe, and Kelly for adult skiing!! Fun evening with cycling and OR Show peeps.

Jan 10, 2016 - Can't get enough! After the last few years, we don't take good snow for granted anymore.

Jan 11-14, 2016 - Work travel to Minneapolis then personal travel to Dallas. Saw Terry's truck at the airport more than him.

Jan 15-18, 2016 - Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling Team Camp in Dallas. So proud of this team and excited to be involved. I missed big-time powder at home, but riding and getting to know the team was a blast. Follow the team on Social Media and check out all the amazing photos thanks to Cotton Sox Photography!

Jan 19-22, 2016 - Work travel to Seattle, San Francisco/Fremont/Santa Clara, then Tulsa. Meanwhile, my parents arrived and moved into the basement for their annual Sundance Volunteer visit. Hard to be away from Terry for another week and miss spending time with Bill and Nancy.

Jan 23, 2016 - Really just wanted to take a nap, but the mountain was calling. Team G&R (Green and Red, not Guns and Roses) were back at it. Then Terry and I did a Main St walk to take in all that is Sundance.