Monday, October 5, 2015

No UCI Worlds Hangover for Me

I still can't believe it's only been a week since we flew home from UCI Worlds in Richmond. I needed a little break from blogging after our amazing trip, but now I'm back. I appreciate all the feedback and I'm glad they brought some insight into women's cycling and what it was like to be on the ground as a spectator and supporter. What an incredible experience!

Even as we left on Monday, the excitement continued. I was asked for an autograph at Delta check-in and the airport was full of cycling celebrities. We made it home without extra baggage fees or delays and even got in a ride before dark. Pretty crazy to think about our daily cycling loop being training ground for Peter Sagan, Linda Villumsen, the BMC Racing Team, and others that won in Richmond. We might as well start calling Park City a ski and cycling training center.

Jesse at Delta was buzzing with Worlds excitement at 7a
Always asked how we travel with the bikes. So much easier with the Ritchey Break-aways!

Some people take vacation days and feel rested when they return to work. Not us. It didn't help that I committed to some onsite visits before we left. Although several more were added to my plate causing a last minute airline shuffle, and a night of laundry. I was back at the airport Tuesday for a 7am flight. The next 3 days were a blur of flights, driving in LA traffic, and work meetings. I was back at the airport Thursday night deprived of sleep and energy. I had a major project due Friday at 5p and then I used the weekend to try and recover. 

This lady was one of my highlights from my work travel
Landing in LA Tuesday night after 4 flights that day in order to do an hour meeting in Albuquerque 
Marriott - my home away from home for 12 nights in 13 days.
The weekend was rainy and cold, so I didn't ride, or at least used the weather as my excuse. I slept a lot, read, worked on cycling side projects, swam, and hiked. After being gone for a few weeks, it's so nice to be home and we are grateful to live in such a beautiful place. Unfortunately, I'm headed back to the airport this week for a return visit to the east coast, just without my bike and cowbell.

Prospector Trail Hike overlooking Park City - Saturday afternoon
Iconic White Barn on Sunday morning - during our Scarecrow Hike
Favorite Scarecrow - Transylvania Airlines

Sunday, September 27, 2015

UCI Worlds: Libby Hill Loves USA Cycling

It's Sunday night at UCI Worlds in Richmond and our final night in Richmond. The plan was to blog every evening about our adventures and I made it! I'm also tweeting, so follow me @GiroJenny for real-time updates.

If you don't have time to read, here's a quick recap of Day 9.

Food: VIP House, Capital Ale House
Bike: None, didn't want to miss any of the men's race which started at 9a and finished just before 4p.
Races: Elite Men Road Race
Picks for Tomorrow:  None
Best Moment: USA Cycling representing in the breaks and around the world! What a great way to finish up an amazing week of racing.
Not the Best Moment: Walking a long way to Sub Rosa Bakery to learn wait was over 45 minutes (for take-out?). We weren't about to miss a single lap, so we passed it up.
Strangest Moment: After 10 days in the hotel room, I noticed the painting above our toilet for the 1st time. As if my brain knows it can focus on something over than cycling now that UCI Worlds 2015 is over.
Best Cycling Encounter: Spending another day at USA Cycling and with Davis and Connie.

St John's Church famous for Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" 
USA Cycling VIP car with Alex
Quick photo with Alex before jumping back into car to stay ahead of break
2nd stop with Alex before heading up Libby Hill and spending rest of day with USA Cycling

Ben King in the early break and often leading the charge up Libby Hill
Alex Howes always near the front and rocking the shades and gutter
Brent Bookwalter looking solid in the peloton
Crowds were amazing on Libby Hill
Taylor Phinney did a bike change and moved up to the front of the peloton
Taylor bumping elbows with Andre Greipel and Brent just behind riding nicely up the gutter

Very fortunate to spend the day with proud parents and cycling legends Davis Phinney and Connie Carpenter
Taylor in the 2nd break of the day and working the crowd into a frenzy on Libby Hill
3rd break didn't have a USA athlete, but did have an Italian - Elia Viviani close-up
Libby Hill crowds watches jumbo-tron to see if Peter Sagan can stay away solo - he did and crowd went ballistic!
Bronze Medal Winner Ramunas Navardauskas (Lithuania) gets impromptu hug from fan
Silver Medal Winner Michael Matthews (Australia) appeasing his fans
World Champion Peter Sagan has a very large crowd to navigate once he leaves the building

Saturday, September 26, 2015

UCI Worlds: Megan Guarnier Wins Bronze Medal

It's Saturday night at UCI Worlds in Richmond and I'm a little tipsy from celebrating Megan Guarnier's Bronze Medal! The plan is to blog every evening about our adventures, so I'm determined to keep it going. I'm also tweeting, so follow me @GiroJenny for real-time updates.

If you don't have time to read, here's a quick recap of Day 8.

Food: Richmond on Broad Cafe, VIP House, Capital Ale House
Bike: None. Roads were wet and wanted to spend entire day at races. Did a lot of walking and dancing instead.
Races: Junior Men and Elite Women Road Race
Picks for Tomorrow: My heart is pulling for Brent Bookwalter (USA) but Niki Terpstra (NED) has been mentioned a few times.
Best Moment: USA Bronze Medal - Go Meg Go! Plus Megan secures spot for Olympics in Rio!
Not the Best Moment: Dealing with the hotel restaurant trying to get some food prepared quickly for Megan. Convinced that other countries would have dropped everything to make the newly crowned UCI Worlds Bronze Medal a meal, but not here.
Strangest Moment: I'm in a Richmond Magazine article talking women's cycling!
Best Cycling Encounter: Talking to current and former pro cyclists at the USA Cycling House while watching the best women cyclists in the world race the Worlds. Amazing experience - a million thanks to Alex and Penny!

We left the hotel at 8:30a, returned briefly at 6:30p, and were back for good at 10p. If I get the call, I'd be tempted to go back to Oktoberfest even with another early start tomorrow. What an incredible day! I'm going to leave the rest to pictures and captions. I've had too many Dark Hollows to do much story telling.

Terry starts the day with coffee along with Brent Bookwalter and Taylor Phinney
Junior Men charging up 23rd Street - USA rider Brandon McNulty
Junior Men on Libby Hill - American Adrien Costa
Fortunate to have amazing spot to watch the races - thanks USA Cycling!
Pro Women Peloton
Shelley Olds went down and later abandoned, as did USA teammate Lauren Stephens

Tayler Wiles - super domestique
Lauren Komanski's Dad excited and proud - and a tree climber!
Coryn Rivera leading the break 
Evelyn Stevens on final lap up Libby Hill
Megan Guarnier on final lap up Libby Hill
While I ran all over the USA Cycling House - Terry and Erik Zabel hung out in one place pivoting from TV to Cobbles
One of the oldest and most UCI Worlds decorated homes in Richmond (Church Hill neighborhood)
Back at the hotel - Megan Guarnier celebrates with teammates Coryn Rivera, Lauren Komanski, and Tayler Wiles
It Takes a Village - Megan celebrates with team, family, and staff
Megan and superstar staff - Kristen Keim and Corey Hart
Celebrating USA Bronze at Capital Ale House Oktoberfest - there was dancing and lots of beer!