Friday, July 3, 2015

Mountain Bike People Intervals

Today was a holiday for most, but we both had to work. After a check on emails and my coworkers in Europe, I treated myself to a mountain bike before digging into my project. I started too late and was treated to more heat and people than I had planned on. As I climbed Armstrong and part of Pinecone, I used the people as intervals. Riding hard until I caught a group and then staying behind before passing or grabbing the next group that came along. It's great to see so many mountain bikers out enjoying our trails, I just wish they had slept in.

On one of my people intervals, I was in recovery mode when two older gentlemen came up on our group of three. When the riders in front of me pulled over, I pulled over with him to let the two pass. As soon as they did, I jumped in behind them. They didn't realize it and the lead guy made some comment about "almost hitting that chick", which he had since he was too close when we pulled over. That was enough for me to make sure I stayed with them. I kept quiet and later when we came up on another rider that had pulled over, the lead guy said "just the two of us". I quickly added "actually there is one more". The guys couldn't hide their shock (#1) and then they turned on the heat (#2). I stayed with them for awhile and took pleasure knowing they were probably at their limit trying to drop "the chick".
MidMtn between Armstrong and Spiro - Vail Construction

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Giro Rosa Links

There's a major cycling race starting this weekend and it has nothing to do with France or yellow jerseys. It's all about Italy and pink jerseys! It's the Giro Rosa and one day I'm going to be there to watch in person. This year, I'll follow on social media and live streams thanks to women's cycling fans that have created fabulous content!

Twitter #GiroRosa2015

We have at least 3 American women among the contenders. All the American racers will certainly be fired up after seeing the Women's Soccer Team advance to the World Cup Finals. Get to know them and all the other racers then join me over the next 10 days as represent in Italy.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

14 Years of Marriage and Cycling

I almost made it. A blog a day for a month. Yesterday, I spent 20hrs from 4:30a to 12:30a in cars, airplanes, client meetings, meals, and working in the airport. I should have been at home to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary and get in my June 30th blog. Good thing I have an understanding husband and blog followers.

So today, I celebrate our 14yrs of marriage (said in a Princess Bride voice) with a look back at our cycling history, since that's usually what we are doing on our anniversary. We've had some amazing adventures and have plenty more to come.

I'll have to find cycling photos from 2001-2002 and scan them in. We went mountain biking on our honeymoon in Canada and then bought a tandem road bike the next summer and road in Yellowstone Park almost every weekend.

2003 - Utah
2004 - Tour de France
2005 - Alpe d'Huez
2006 - Banff

2007 - Colorado
2008 - Hawaii

2009 - Italy
2010 - Tour of California
2011 - USA Pro Challenge (Colorado)
2012 - Idaho
2013 - Tour of California

2014 - Italy
2015 - Tour of California