Monday, March 23, 2015

Just Live

Terry and I have spent a lot of time since his back surgery evaluating our work/life balance, retirement goals, and happiness. We got into a groove Jan and Feb with my new role at work, my participation with Max Testa Training, and his working from home while he recovered. We spent hours walking rather than skiing or cycling which gave us plenty of time to ponder. It was building but a month ago, it became obvious that Terry was ready for a major change. He gave notice after almost 20yrs at the company he joined out of college. Although he knew it was the best decision for his health and our future, it was extremely emotional.
Sunday walk, the day before the decision - the bridge says it all
Once the wheels were in motion, we had to react fast. He is staying in the same industry as a consultant and immediately found work. Needless to say, we had a lot to do to get him set up on short notice. My role in our company got busy with IT work (laptop and software setup), facilities (converting a bedroom to an office), and buying (not just office equipment and furniture, but a new truck to replace his company vehicle).
Sunday walk, a week later - celebrating our town, life, and big decision
For most of the last month, I feel as I've had 4 jobs. My official full-time 50+hr job with two 3-day trips the past two weeks to Toronto and Las Vegas. My part-time job with MTT teaching cycling class and preparing for our training camp in St George. My part-time job as Montana Tech Alumni Chapter Chair organizing 3 events over the past 3 weeks. Finally, my part-time job with our company. Not to mention, trying to keep up with my cycling training. Strangely enough, I enjoy all 4 jobs, it just gets crazy when all of them spike at the same time.
Endurance Sports Show Feb 20th - Carrie, Max, and Corey panel discussion
Feb 28th Madness - Full multirider class followed by all day truck purchase plus training camp planning meeting
Montana Tech vs Westminster - Women's Playoff Game Mar 6th - Go Diggers!
It's still winter in Toronto, but braved a morning jog - Mar 12th
SLC St Pat's Parade with Montana Tech Alumni - Sat Mar 14th
St Pat's in Las Vegas. Almost wore the socks with my business dress but couldn't do it.
There was also a birthday celebration somewhere in the middle of this Madness. I was operating on 3 hours sleep due to a flight reroute to Vegas in the middle of the night, birthday dinner with friends was a good reminder to continue celebrating life and happiness.
Wrote a blog about not skiing, then it snowed so another ski day on Feb 22nd!
RR on Mar 8th in new Vanderkitten VIP Kit - Happy Birthday ride!
RR in Uptown Park City Mar 14th - love this building and finally some downhill
Mailbox Monday - getting back on track with the blog!
RR on March 21st in 60F in new Velocio-SRAM Project X kit!
MTB with Corrie & Kelly on March 22nd in the new Adobe kit!