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Enlightenment Walks

I've been talking about my daily ritual all summer and for the last couple weeks I've refocused on meditation. I finished the Balance block on Headspace and am now working through Focus. The 15 minute sessions along with my blog and Italian lessons are keeping my mind busy and I love it. I am challenged mentally at work, but unfortunately I'm not as passionate about work as improving my skills in meditation, writing, and a language of a country I hope to live again some day.

With my back injury, I've been doing lots of walking and keep myself entertained, educated, and enlightened with the Rich Roll Podcast (RRP). The podcast with Light Watkins really hit home. Meditation doesn't come easy to me and Light's methodology makes sense. I bought his book The Inner Gym along with a book Rich has referred to in many podcasts called Autobiography of a Yogi the same day. I ordered them from the podcast show notes which points to Amazon and kicks back a little money to the RRP. It's the least I can do for the enlightenment I receive from listening to his podcasts.

My plan is to continue with Headspace sessions every morning and Inner Gym exercises in the evening. Today is the 1st day, so I'll report in later on the outcome. I've read the first chapters and just like the podcast interview, it hits home. I can't remember a time I wasn't working out for a sport and either in the gym or doing specific exercises to improve my athletic performance. It only makes sense I would attack mental performance in the same way.

Speaking of walks, today's was another milestone. I did almost two hours and a portion was on beautiful single track! I've been sticking to the flat paved trails, but today I hiked and it felt so good, I even had a couple moments where I had to hold back from trail running. Even though the skies were cloudy with forest fire smoke and the next storm, the fall colors were still gorgeous. I already had an enlightening morning with meditation, Italian, and reading Inner Gym. As I listened to a couple RRPs during the walk, I kept smiling about how my mind and body are becoming healthier and stronger every day and how lucky I am to have all the support and beauty surrounding me on the journey.


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Local Training Roads

After three great days of riding at CampoVelo Weekend, I was ready to get serious about spring training back in Utah. With no weekend trips and only two work trips in the last two months, I could take advantage of our amazing local roads. Even better, I'm doing it on a new bike! I've been looking for the last few years, but finally pulled the trigger on a dreamy Pinarello Dogma F8.

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