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Moose Murder

I read murder mysteries for a release from work stress and instead of watching some of the television shows my husband watches for his work release. I stay away from gruesome story-lines and choose authors that can combine a unique plot and leave me guessing until the end. The latest murder in my life isn't in a novel, but in my neighborhood and it is causing stress rather than relieving it.

This murder occurred on a Friday morning in September. I actually didn't hear about it until last weekend when my friend Tara mentioned it. I immediately jumped online to read the reports and comments from both strangers and neighbors. Take a moment to read about this murder and investigation.

Sept 23rd Report - Moose Shot in Summit Park
Oct 3rd Report - Moose Shooter won't face criminal charges

I've been trying not to be judgmental and hoping that the shooter would help us understand more of his situation. I haven't seen anything in the reports, but even if I did it wouldn't change how upsetting this is. I consider moose like some consider their family pets. I've spent hours admiring these majestic animals from every window in our house. I've been there just hours after a birth, watched a mating ritual, and have seen mama teaching her babies how to do moose things. I have moose pictures throughout my blog posts and so many more special moments that didn't get on camera. I haven't seen this year's mama and calf since the shooting and that definitely worries me.

A tender moment in early September
I'm sad that one of my neighbors feels that a gun is necessary to hike our trails and so many others share his views in the comments. I'm angry that his unleashed dog merits more respect than a moose. I'm frightened for the calf that is now motherless and is experiencing snow and danger all alone. I'm disappointed that our Utah DWR (Division of Wildlife Resources) did not issue any criminal charges and set a precedent for more moose murders. I'm cautious as I ride my mountain bike on the same trails and past the crime scene, keeping an eye out for a hiker with a limping dog that may try to shoot a warning shot my way.

Emotional MTB on Friday evening on neighborhood trails now known for the moose murder
Park Record columnist Amy Roberts put many of my thoughts into words earlier this week. No matter if you agree with us or not, I hope this moose murder doesn't go unnoticed. If you or loved ones carry a weapon, please remind them to be careful and respectful. If you have inside or outside pets, cherish your moments with them. If you recreate in my neighborhood or other areas where murders have occurred, don't let the bad stuff keep you from enjoying your life and the outdoors!


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