April Goal Review

As I review my 2014 goals against April activities, it's odd that I didn't include 30 Days of Biking as a goal. The challenge fulfills both spiritual and physical needs and is a great way to transition out of winter. I had a back injury relapse but have recovered and am learning to recognize the symptoms and the fact I'm not in my 30s anymore. I took a fresh look at my goals and highlighted areas that I've been consistently failing (red) and surpassing (green), while the others are on track.

April Summary
A1: Finished 2 books for work. No other excuses for my lack of reading except I have been soaking up lots of women's cycling content online and working too many hours.
- Leveraging the Universe by Mike Dooley. Skimmed, but couldn't get into it.
- The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Interesting concept for both work and personal life.

A2: Wrote 3 blogs and kept up on Mailbox Monday. My 30 Days of Biking blog was a month long project with photos from each day in April.

A3: Only 1 week out of 4 with a trip to Columbus, Ohio. I hadn't been since October, and things hadn't really changed. We took more photos at Cornhenge and sampled the goods at 101 Beer Kitchen when we weren't in workshops.

A4: The solution we found in March for meals wasn't as joyous when out of nowhere the business announced they were taking a long break for shoulder season. We were suddenly thrust back into cooking. I'm hopeful they'll be back at it soon.

B1: With back/hip pain, work stress, and lots of pedaling, my bodywork appointment was one of the highlights of the month. I have 2 appointments scheduled for May in order to get in a good place for the summer cycling season.

B2: I continue to do a combination yoga / active stretching routine in the mornings at home. I'm tentative to go to a yoga class until my back is stable.

B3:  My passion for pro women's cycling keeps getting stronger. I finalized plans for Tulsa Tough in June where I'll be riding and volunteering. The support I've had for Ride4Equality is awesome and I'm trying to find time each day to work toward this very aggressive goal. I came up with another idea to help support women's cycling, but keeping that one private for now until I can spend more time working thru feasibility. Follow @girojenny and my Women's Cycling page for more content and updates. 

We accomplished a major milestone in April for the Montana Tech Alumni Utah Chapter with our 2014-2015 scholarship! If you know of a Utah resident planning to be an Oredigger in the Fall, let me know.

B4: We didn't have any friends or family visit in April and won't in May due to the basement remodel. The girls got out for a mountain bike earlier in the month and had a blast! Then we had a fabulous Easter at Joe & Kelly's with brunch, egg hunt, and the Tour de Playground bike ride.
Team JACK - Girls Only MTB

C1-C5: April is a tough transition month and another great reason for 30 Days of Biking. Even though I rode all but 3 days, we still fit in a couple ski days at the resorts before they closed.

1. Core strength is happening each morning along with yoga.
2. I continue to run at the gym once a week and can't wait to start running trails in May.

Road and mountain biking kicked in big time in April and last week, I started my summer cycling training program.

3. I haven't picked a specific event yet. I'm thinking something in September once all my road ride adventures are complete.
4. Missed my chance until November. Another season without any time on the skinny skis.
5. We are officially signed up for a race in Italy and trying to get into a second. They might be more gran fondos than races, so I still need to pick at least one race to use my USA Cycling License.

Loving my new truck and topper set up! Keep both bikes in the back so I can take off before, during, or after work.

D1: No updates on the lot but we are hopeful for the summer real estate season.

D2: I added this goal since we are becoming quite crafty at using some of our gift cards and worked thru several in April. We have plenty to go, including some so old it appears the stores are no longer in business, but the challenge is on. 

E1: We spent the 1st weekend of April emptying the basement. We have another stack ready to donate or sell and plan to do another cleanse before moving it back down. There were very few purchases that weren't related to the remodel so the 1-for-1 is still attainable.

E2: Italy is booked and we are so excited!  We won't be there a full 2wks, but very close.  Can't wait to see and ride with our friend Amanda.

E3: What started as a request for hooks has turned into a major project. It definitely relates to our long term material goal of staying in this house so I added it in material, but it greatly affects financial. When finished it will fulfill spiritual and physical since the new "bike shop" will have space for riding and yoga.

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