February Goal Review

Another month has flown by and I made backward progress on several of my goals for 2014.  My business travel was far less in February, but my body didn't cooperate and I was limited by back pain. Just this past week, I've turned the corner and was able to attend cycling class and get back on the slopes. Time reserved for goals was spent on physical therapy, icing, doctor and healing appointments. I'm looking forward to a healthy March and moving forward!

February Summary
A1: Finished 2 books.  One for pleasure, one as a work project.
- The Keeper of Lost Causes (Mercy) by Jussi Adler-Olsen. Will be reading all of his novels!  
Tribal Leadership and the 21 Day Leadership Challenge.  I'm only a week in, but so far so good.

A2: Missed a few blogs. Realized it is easier to keep up when I'm traveling and alone in hotel or airport.

A3: Kept it to 1 week out of 4, sort of.  I traveled a 2nd week for cycling and Terry's work, but it was definitely worth it. (February Adventures)

A4: Didn't cook for 50% of month due to travel, but did spend several hours the last 2 weekends using up my last produce bag items.  I also investigated vegan meal delivery via Thrive Foods Direct but they use celery in most of their meals so that's out.  Back to the research. 

B1: I always look forward to my bodywork appointment, but this month I couldn't get back soon enough.  In addition to the body healing, the 90 minutes is also a time where I'm forced to shut out external stimuli and I can focus on aligning my body, mind, and soul.

B2: Stayed away from yoga class due to the back issues, but did plenty of basic yoga moves to strengthen my injured muscles.  Terry and I also took a private yoga class last weekend that was incredible and we've been working on our new moves all week.

B3:  Women's cycling season started February with the Ladies Tour of Qatar which brought internet coverage, blogs, and an uptick in social media. The Amgen Tour of California also announced its women's races. I'm working on plans for this year's Tulsa Tough and am trying to convince Terry to check out Cry Baby Hill. I also had a great conversation with Tina Pic at a Max Testa Training event and am thinking again about trying a few races this spring/summer.  How better to support women's cycling, than to do it?!

I also spent several hours on Montana Tech Alumni volunteer activities in February in preparation for our St Patrick's Parade event and several other initiatives.   

B4: Our friends from Boise, Sharon and Rob, visited over MLK weekend.  We have also spent time with friends from cycling class and have enjoyed getting to know them beyond short conversations between intervals.

C1-C5: It was a tough February, but I've been thru the injury/recovery cycle just a few times and know how to adjust.  I spent plenty of time in RICE, got into the pool to run against the current, stayed off the skis for a few weekends and haven't picked up a shovel since the initial injury.  In addition to cycling and skiing this week, I ran on the treadmill and hopefully I can skate ski before it all melts.  I did start wearing my Fitbit again, which motivates me to stay on the treadmill until the lights flash and my wrist vibrates.  It is also a great tool to track my sleep patterns.

D: No action on the lot, but my financial project for February was organizing our gift cards. We had some that were 8yrs old! I checked all the balances, sorted, and summarized. I knew they were adding up, but was surprised to see the total close to $1500. Now we just need to use them!  

E1: I had huge success in February with my minimalism goals!  We did make a large purchase with the new truck, but the car left so we were even.  Once I had the truck, I was able to fill it full of items for donation to St Lawrence.  I itemized for tax purposes and the 337 items ranged from t-shirts to winter jackets, kitchen items to electronics, and lots of bike and ski gear.  In addition to the truck-load, I had Habitat for Humanity ReStore pick up 5 large pieces of furniture.  It feels wonderful to provide others with items they need and purge them from our lives and remove clutter.
E2: After last year's trip was cancelled due to Terry's back injury, we weren't ready to even discuss it this month while both of us were doing back exercises.

337 Donation Items off to a 2nd life
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