Cycling Craze Continues...

Almost daily since mid-April, I've had someone mention all the cycling I've been doing.  In fact, on the way out of the neighborhood today, I slowed down to drive next to a friend who was cycling to work and he mentioned it.  As I left him and drove down Parleys, I thought back on my last 3 months in the saddle and couldn't help smiling at the memories.  Yes, it has gotten a bit crazy, but I'm recovering well and enjoying all the rides so I might as well keep seizing the moments.
Memorial Weekend MTB - PCMR
when you have views like this around every corner, it is hard to stay off the bike

The massive amounts of encouragement I've received from family, friends, and strangers have kept me honest especially during moments of weakness and bad weather.  Although, I'll be the first to admit that my personality is such that once I made those pledges, I was in 100% no matter what.  Terry wasn't a bit surprised when I accomplished all the events and continued to sign up for more.  He did worry about injury and proper recovery, so has tried to convince me to keep up with my eating, stretching, and sleeping as much as I'm keeping up with the blogging.
Twitter feedback this week

I didn't start out this cycling craze on April Fool's Day with a plan to peak for a specific event.  I went all out in training class, but kept it low key on the other days in order to complete 30 Days of Biking.  A weekend of riding in Montana, followed by our California Cycling Vacation and May was almost over.
Good to be back at home in Park City after several weekends away

We took a break from the road bikes and the travel with 3 great days of mountain biking over Memorial Weekend in Park City. I spent the first 2 rides on the Epic, but then switched with Terry over to my Rocky Mountain and haven't gone back.  Since the Rocky Mountain is lighter, Terry was determined to make it his, but after a couple days he missed the fit of his Epic and wanted it back.  I was happy with the Epic, but excited to finally try out the new bike.  I loved the suspension lock out options as I climbed and really loved the descent.  Funny how things work out like they were supposed to when we bought the Rocky Mountain back in February.
Memorial Weekend MTB with Terry, E.A. and Tara. Had to climb over the melting half pipe!

1st ride on the Rocky Mountain and it is officially now mine!

June arrived on Saturday and I pedaled away the 1st weekend as a Course Marshal at the Little Red Riding Hood Century followed by my 100 Miles of Nowhere DV for CB.

I have always ridden the LRRH as a participant with a bunch of girlfriends.  This year, I volunteered to be a Course Marshal and even after training, wasn't quite sure how the day would go.  I drove up Friday night and participated in all the events, including a night in tent city.
LRRH Tent City
Founders of LRRH - Alice (middle) couldn't ride this year due to an injury, she's 89!
LRRH History - I think I've ridden at least 6 times, but have last count

I headed out with one of the century waves and for the next 7hrs yelled at cyclists to double up or better yet get in single file, stay to the right, and other cycling safety tips.  I stopped a few times to help cyclists and after lunch, hooked up with another Course Marshal to finish out the ride.  This way we were able to take turns yelling since our voices were wearing out faster than our legs.
Another LRRH Century in the books - now that I've got the jersey, will probably be a Course Marshal again next year.
My first back-to-back centuries! 

Within 3 hours of finishing the 100 Miles of Nowhere, I was on the phone with Shawn from Tulsa Tough.  I had booked a flight to Tulsa to support women's cycling months earlier but strictly to volunteer, not ride.  Shawn had other plans and convinced me to ride all 3 days with his wife Carol, including a 109 mile GranFondo.  I will blog about my amazing weekend at Tulsa Tough next.  I had a blast!
You have to admit, Carol and I are looking good (and a bit delirious) after finishing 109 miles in the Top 10 women!

I took the next week (all 5 days) completely off, not even a walk around the neighborhood.  This past weekend, we did a short road ride and then a long mountain bike to get back into the groove.  Somehow on Monday when picking up our team kits, I got talked into the Swiss Miss Century on July 13th.  See how that works?  Until I wrote it in the blog, I hadn't officially registered, but now I've committed so will sign up tomorrow.  Like I said, seize the moment!
Sunday MTB - Park City Main Street to Flagstaff Mountain