Creative Living in Year 3

Happy New Year! In case you hadn't heard, we are in Year 3. (2+0+1+9 = 12, then 1+2=3) There are plenty of numerology articles describing the energy frequency that the Universe will operate in for the next 365 days. Like anything on the interwebs, you can pick out what you want to hear and filter out the rest. My Year 3 filter includes courage, creativity, self-expression, communication, optimism, humor, journey to personal happiness, triangulation and the year to resolve unsolved challenges. Works for me!

It is no coincidence that I went silent on the blog for the last two years while I battled health issues. Fortunately, I'm steadily improving and have the energy to write again. As I'm healing, I am forever grateful for the changes in my life that may not have come without my body forcing the issue. I've read up on health, mindset, spirituality, and human performance. I've worked up to twenty minutes a day of meditation. I'm a firm believer in the healing community of massage, craniosacral, acupuncture, and homeopathy. Western medicine still holds a place with HRV monitoring and tests that rule out the big scary stuff. I've learned how to say yes and no to career opportunities in order to protect my immune system. I know that it is absolutely ok and best to focus on BEING instead of always DOING.

As Year 3 begins, I'm starting off strong and excited to continue my journey. I'm wrapping up an 8 week Mindset Training Course that was incredible and has just begun to shape my life for the better. I'm 1/4 way into a 3 month Creative Artist's Training where I focus on writing, self-expression, and taking care of my creative inner child. A 9 month consulting project hit a major milestone in December setting the team up for success in 2019. Terry and I had a fabulous holiday season at home with skiing, outings with friends, and plenty of downtime.

So with courage, creativity, self-expression, communication, optimism, and humor; the blog is back as part of my journey to personal happiness. Sending positive vibrations for a successful 2019 and Year 3, hope you can feel the frequency!

"The Hulk" Smoothie Bowl with 3 toppings to kick off Year 3 @ five5eeds