The Couple with the Irreplaceable Rossignol Sweater and K2 Skis

When you wake up to a foot in the driveway and the resort boasting 17" in the last 24 hours, you quickly rearrange your work schedule. These days are why many of us live in Park City, so you don't miss out just because it's a work day. The schools even cancelled, giving the local kids one more chance to hit the slopes. By 7:30, we had the driveway, trucks, and deck clear yet the plow hadn't even come by. Terry braved the roads and headed to work while I checked emails at home and shuffled my calendar. At 9, we met up to carpool to the mountain and our 5th day in a row (9 of 12 days). Our minds winning the battle against our tired legs screaming to stay at work, we took off across the parking lot giddy for powder turns and only slightly guilty about playing hooky. It would only take a couple hours before exhaustion and accountability would bring us back to the laptops.

Similar to yesterday, we stayed on Crescent for fast and long laps in the land of bottomless powder. By 11:30, we called it a successful "powder flu" day and headed back to the office. If any of our co-workers are reading, we worked late to make up for it and to get a jump ahead as more snow is forecast tonight and we might be feeling a little sick again in the morning.

Our best interaction of the day was with an older couple on the chairlift. They are in their 21st ski season at Park City and likely in their late 70s/early 80s. They moved here from Pennsylvania after their daughter finished college, moved here, and produced their 1st grandchild. I hope in 30 years we are just like them, out on a cold powder day giddy about the day ahead.

It's funny how many stories you can share on an eight minute ride. Right away, we learned that they had met (and drank shots with) one of the owners of DPS (Terry's skis) at a wedding in McCall (where we were married). Terry told them about buying the DPS skis at a silent auction which led to a story where the man purchased an expensive Rossignol sweater at a silent auction for $5 and proceeded to wear it non-stop for several years until she said no more. He looked for the same sweater at all our local ski shops and even called Rossignol but it was one-of-a-kind.

This led to a discussion about her skis. They are shaped K2 women's skis from the early 2000s. Purple with crazy teenager graphics and likely the early MissBehaved model. She loves them and has tried to find a replacement but they don't make them to those dimensions anymore. She has other skis at home, but these are her go-to sticks. As she put it, there's no other ski she can go from groomer into anything off groomer and just keep on going. I suggested they looked on ebay (implying both the skis and sweater) so maybe they are looking tonight. She said she'll just ski them until she can't and that she'll likely die before they do. We joked that she needs to leave them in the will for her daughter. What a fun couple! I'll be looking for them out on the mountain for more stories, maybe as soon as tomorrow. (cough, cough)

Still plenty of the good stuff on one of our last runs!