That's Our Neighbor Bill

We woke to almost a half foot of the lovely and addictive white powder! Quick text to the bathroom contractor on arrival time then quicker transition from bed to snow blowing so they could get in the driveway and we could get out. We navigated around the garbage and recycling cans in the neighborhood until we were on I-80 bound for our 4th day in a row on the mountain and 8th in 11 days. Body parts were sore but the storm pushed the aches behind the part of the brain that can't get enough skiing and powder.

Before we hit Kimball Junction, we realized the crowds were going to be the first obstacle of the day. We rolled into the parking lot just after 9 and got moving, there was powder to be had. Immediately, a truck started backing in on my side. I shut my door and navigated him back, thinking "That's Our Neighbor Bill". He jumped out and we both had recognized each other correctly! Big hugs and lots of catching up to do while we hurried to get our gear on and hit the mountain.

Bill was our first neighbor in Park City almost 14 year ago. Our driveways were a few feet apart and although we never went in each other's homes, we snow blowed and talked almost every day for two winters. Bill is always smiling and always helping out. He moved to Salt Lake City just before we moved to our second home and we've only run into each other a few times since. The odds that we parked next to each other today were crazy.

He's still smiling from ear to ear, has a new wife, a grandson (I got to see the latest pictures), and still loves skiing Park City more than the Canyons or the front side of the Wasatch. He misses our old neighborhood and his old house and we miss him. You could be a little down and his attitude would get you smiling and giggling to yourself. If you saw him outside, you'd go out too to have a discussion and a smile.

Once we caught up as much as you can on a powder day, we wished each other a fantastic day and took off. The skiing was incredible and we tried out a few hidden gems but found that Crescent was our sweet spot of the day, doing lap after lap barely stopping to catch our breath. No lift lines, no tourists, just freshie after freshie. Fatigue finally set in and we convinced ourselves to stop for the sake of not hurting anything.

As we approached the truck and still saw Bill's, we remarked that he had outlasted us and started to feel a little guilty for not staying until the last lift. Then, odds be damned, our day ended as it began with Bill stepping behind his truck, smiling at us and warming our hearts. We were all smiling much bigger than five hours earlier as powder has that side effect. Instead of finding a sweet spot, Bill had toured the mountain and even dabbled a little on the Canyons side. We wished each other well and promised to keep an eye out for each other through the season, but honestly knew it could be years before we run into each other again. When we do, it will be smiles and hugs and happiness, and that type of random surprise is just fine with me.

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