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Back from Baltimore and Back on the Bike

After 5 days at home, I was back on the road Wednesday morning bound for the Washington DC area. I flew into Baltimore, flights were 50% cheaper plus I was able to go direct. The 4hr flight was uneventful, but the 45mile 2hr taxi was brutal. I couldn't believe the amount of traffic from Baltimore to Alexandria on a Wednesday afternoon. If there is a next time, I'll rethink the logistics.

Thursday morning, I got in a walk and some local history before my meetings. That afternoon, I was back in a taxi to a hotel near the airport to ease the pain of Friday's 7am flight. We got there a little faster, but still sat in bumper to bumper most the way. I thought traffic in LA last week was bad.

Alexandria National Cemetery (1862)

I got through a few emails then decided to go out and explore. Going by car/bus during rush hour was not an option, so I researched mass transit options to both Washington DC and Baltimore. Although DC has all the famous sites, Baltimore won based on time. I took the light rail into Baltimore and walked around Inner Harbor, Fells Point, and Little Italy for several hours. There were too many Italian restaurants to choose from and I didn't choose the best, but still had a nice funghi pasta.

USS Constellation (1797)
St. Leo Catholic Church (1881) - Little Italy
Little Italy Street Art
9/11 Memorial of Maryland at Baltimore's World Trade Center
Friday was a tough day with little sleep, an uncomfortable flight, and a long afternoon of work. At least the cookies from the Italian bakery made it home safely. Unfortunately I'm back at the airport Monday morning for a full week of travel. I'm trying to take advantage of the weekend even though I really just want to nap. We went for a nice ride making the most of the warm weather and the fall colors. Looks like we'll have more of the same for the next week and weekend before the weather changes again. We are dangerously close to ski season, so hopefully it's a good one and we can go right from bikes to powder skis.

Buffalo Loop
Terry aka "The Lean Mean Green Machine"
Almost 80F on 10/10 in Uintas - crazy to think we'll be skiing in a little over 30 days!?


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