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Back in the Saddle

Yesterday was my appointment with the back specialist. I've been feeling better every day so I was curious what he'd say. When the appointment was made a week prior, I was still on prednisone and just starting my walks. The MRI showed the disc clearly sitting on the nerve and initial thoughts were leaning toward a steroid injection. Going into the appointment, I was probably in less pain and more active than a large percentage of the US population, but I need my activity to include cycling.

The doctor took me through several mobility and strength exercises, then we looked at the MRI in detail. We also did a bit of mental review. I knew this from going through Terry's back issues and surgery, but everyone gets really cautious about depression with back injuries. The doctor and I concluded that I'm improving at an "above average" rate and there is no need for an injection. We talked about my activities the last week and what's working for me:

1. No work travel
2. Walking 30min, 2x each day
3. Spending every 4th hour on my back, including icing and legs on a stool.
4. Attitude
5. Low inflammation diet
6. Bodywork
7. Several stretching sessions each day
8. Minimal time sitting

Now that I read thru this list, it should be a daily routine, not just in times of injury.

I was able to cancel work travel for another 2 weeks, but we do have our vacation coming up which will require airplane travel and cycling.  In order to prepare, the plan is to start pedaling and sitting. Other than time in the car, I've done neither for weeks.

Tonight, I started the next phase of recovery with a spin on the rail trail. I mountain biked in order to keep upright and we went 30min then walked some. It felt great to be back in the saddle! I'm extra sore tonight, but hopefully ice and sleep will help.


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