Weekend (Walking) Warrior

Compared to last weekend struggling in pain on the floor, this weekend was a huge improvement. I've still got a long week ahead of me but everyday brings more mobility. I did a couple short walks each day, read a couple more books, and kept entertained with cycling sites. I pushed it Saturday afternoon by joining Terry on an errand in Salt Lake City. Even though I tried to brace myself, the drive was rough. It was a good test (and reminder) that I'm not yet ready to sit for long spells, let alone travel for work. I kept the back brace on for my walks this weekend, but plan to ditch it tomorrow. Obviously, I couldn't meet my August cycling training plan goals and have to skip a September plan. For now, I'll focus my goal setting on walking pace/distance and hope to do a little pedaling after I see the specialist later this week. 

Saturday Morning - Watched the Park City Mountain helicopters place gondola towers in the distance
Getting crazy on the gravel
... and the turf
Sunday Morning - Noticed this unique natural bench for 1st time after years using trail
Sunday Evening - Cue the Sandhill Cranes
Crane Close-up - Might need to come up with names we see each other so often
Hopefully one of the last walks with the back brace