USA Pro Challenge: Women Battle the Wind in Stage 2 Road Race

Today's Stage 2 USA Pro Challenge Women's Race was a challenge. Not just for the racers, but for the virtual fans. Like yesterday, we had Tour Tracker's Clara Beard handling commentary but the majority of the race was in "no cell phone coverage" status. Tour Tracker put in some extras hours and added a women's section in the More Tab, but still no live video coverage. I don't know how the budgets break down, but I'm guessing for the same reason we don't see men's coverage until the final 2 hours, we don't see women's coverage at all. There are reports that the USA Pro Challenge is in financial trouble and tv coverage is listed as a high budget item. Let's hope a title sponsor steps up in 2016 and amends this injustice because the race is attracting the crowds and teams we all want to see.

I'm still down-and-out with the back injury (MRI on Tuesday and back on meds) so was looking forward to the race as the highlight of my day. At 11:30a, I logged into Twitter and Tour Tracker and rode it out. Unfortunately, most of the next 2.5hrs was spent waiting patiently (refreshing frantically) for an update and making up my own race outcome in my head. The meds are really that good.

From social media, here's how I saw the race unfold in a 10 step summary.

1. It was WINDY!
2. There was a Sprint in Loveland 
3. Robin Farina (BMW p/b Happy Tooth Dental) and Coryn Rivera (United Healthcare) attacked and stayed away for 40 kilometers while Twenty 16 p/b SHO-AIR controlled the field
4. There were STRONG Crosswinds!
5. Robin and Coryn were caught
6. A group of 4 attacked. Tayler Wiles (DNA Cycling p/b K4 guest rider), Lauren Komanski (Twenty 16 p/b SHO-AIR), Mara Abbott (Amy D. Foundation), and the yellow jersey Kristin Armstrong (Twenty 16 p/b SHO-AIR)
7. There were 8 riders chasing the leading 4
8. There was a QOM on Rist Canyon
9. The 4 came to the finishing straight 90sec ahead of the chasers
10. Tayler Wiles won the race. Lauren Komanski finished 2nd, followed by Kristin Armstrong, and Mara Abbott.

Overall Results: 
11. Kristin stays in Yellow jersey with GC lead
12. Mara moves into QOM jersey (red)
13. Tayler is now in Sprint jersey (green)
14. Abby Mickey in Best Young Rider jersey (blue)
15. Coryn wins Most Courageous (orange)

The initial media reports are minimal as expected with no cell coverage. Maybe someone from the caravan will give us a more detailed account of the 58mile race.
Update: CyclingNews published a great race report including photos and results 

I haven't been shy about my bias for DNA Cycling p/b K4. Today's win by Tayler made my day. She's had a couple tough races this year, including being in the lead and sent the wrong way. She's from Utah, decided last week to fly from Germany to Colorado to race, and was able to get on our Utah based DNA Cycling team as a guest rider since they aren't UCI. After great results from Breanne Nalder and Tayler in the TT yesterday, today's win and top step on the podium were exactly what the doctor ordered!

Check out the CyclingNews Stage 2 Race Report for Podium Pictures

While I was waiting for updates during the race, I took the opportunity to catch up on other women's cycling news. There is a women's World Cup race tomorrow in Sweden (2:30a UT and CO time), it will be shown live here if you can't sleep or can wake up early. If you haven't been keeping up with Ella Cycling Tips, you should.

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- Stage 3 circuit race details in Golden are here.
- Check the More tab on Tour Tracker for results and stage summary. Tune in tomorrow for commentary.
- Twitter #prochallenge has been a reliable source of content thanks to the teams, racers, and media in Colorado.
- My twitter list of women's teams, athletes, staff, and media.
- The daily Endure and Enjoy Podcast has been giving the women equal if not more airtime! Here's Friday's Edition with Kristin Armstrong, Breanne Nalder, and Tayler Wiles.