Titanium Goodbyes

We don't have children, we have bikes and skis. Our first titanium road bikes are now teenagers and it's time for them to leave home. It's a little sad, especially as I look back at the adventures we had together. These reliable beauties were very active in their early years, but then we discovered carbon and haven't looked back. 

For the past 8 years, Terry's Litespeed and my Lemond have been lingering in the basement "just in case". I always thought I could use the Lemond frame and make a commuter bike. Terry has always loved the fit of his Litespeed and continued to ride it on the trainer in good health and during injury rehab. We also thought if we were ever traveling extensively for work, we would have the option of a bike at home and on the road. I think we just weren't ready to separate ourselves from the machines that have defined how we live our lives together.

They weren't our first bikes and certainly won't be the last, but there was a sentimental component. Terry wasn't as attached to his first carbon bike and put it on the market this summer after bringing home carbon #2. It recently sold, which made us think about selling our titaniums. It's time to get our teenagers back out on the road with parents that appreciate them. 

For 5 years, we had a fantastic run of cycling adventures with the Litespeed and Lemond. Now that they've had a little break, I hope their 2nd lives are just as memorable. I'm tempted to put a chip in the frames so I can keep track of them, but that's a little weird. So I'll just say goodbye.

2004 Pyrenees France

2005 Alps France

2006 British Columbia Canada and Cycle Oregon

2007 Colorado and Hawaii

 2015 Final Goodbye