Plouay World Cup Wake-Up

Today was the last Women's World Cup Road Race and it was incredible! It was the most exciting women's race I've watched this year in person or streaming. Not only were there several women in top form aiming for the win, the overall World Cup winner was also at stake. Although none of our American racers were going to win the overall, it was possible they could podium or at least be major animators for their teams. It's no secret I'm super passionate about women's cycling, but a race this important gives me an extra burst of excitement. I want the American riders to feel that they have tons of support in the US, no matter the time zone difference. It's also important to me to watch and interact in real-time during the race. I believe this shows the race organizations, sponsors, and media that women's cycling is important to all of us consumers and we are willing to sacrifice to be involved, so hope they do too. 

The race was scheduled to start at 5:30a with live coverage kicking in at 7:30a. I stayed up late reading the race predictions and reviewing the team rosters, then woke up before my alarm. Twitter (#GPP15) was already active with pre-race pictures and excitement, so I kicked back and spent the next 4hrs with Plouay. It started a little slow on twitter since the cell coverage was poor away from the start/finish area, but for the 1st two laps, we got updates from the team cars when we could. The live coverage started during lap 3 and the next 90minutes was amazing! There were endless attacks and teamwork and I could go on and on. I encourage you to read the following race reports and view the replay. Just a heads up, the live coverage was restricted so we could only watch in the US by using a VPN connection. I'm sure these sites will add more content in the next day or two as it appears.

Ella Cycling Tips
UCI Women's Cycling
Boels-Dolmans Foto Album
Full Replay Video (US Restricted)
Wiggle Honda Video

So at 9am, the race was over and Lizzie Armitstead was the Plouay and Overall World Cup winner! Her two American teammates, Megan Guarnier and Evelyn Stevens, attacked the entire race. It was so awesome to see them digging so deep for their teammate. I can't wait to watch them race in person at UCI Worlds in Richmond, VA. It wasn't just the Boels-Dolmans team animating the race, my favorite Italian team Alé Cipollini and rider Flavia Oliveira was super aggressive, as was Rabo Liv's Lucinda Brand. It felt like every rider in the peloton was giving 110% and that's why women's cycling is so much fun to follow and support. Just like a final World Cup should, the outcome came down to the final sprint. I didn't want it to end but I was also ready to get out of bed, eat breakfast, and transfer the positive energy of women's cycling into my day.