Parental Support

Since they are two of my most faithful readers, a blog shout-out to my parents! They've been checking in daily on my back injury and have offered to come help. They came in January to help with Terry's back rehab and although I'm nowhere near surgery, I appreciate their support. 

They would help with anything we needed, but the back injuries hit home. I don't remember my Dad's back not hurting. Not that he couldn't do everything my brother and I wanted to do and often out-lasted us with his energy, but there was always the chance his back pain would surface. Likewise, my Mom could also keep up with all of our adventures and then had to pick up the slack around the house if my Dad had to rest.

I have memories of my Dad on the living room or kitchen floor with his knees on a chair while we would sit around him and play cards or watch TV. I also have memories of him reclined in the passenger seat of the car so he could get some relief after a long trip. Having lived with Terry's back injuries the past few years, I realized all my Mom did and dealt with over the years. At that, I only had Terry, not two children and pets.

Of course, my parents aren't just sitting around waiting for a call for support. My Dad's back has fused, he's had a hip replacement, and is back at the gym and on the trails keeping up with my Mom. They are rocking semi-retirement and my blog shout-out is for their limitless energy and sense of adventure! They have recently discovered Rhodes Scholar and are gung-ho. They just returned from a Mount Rainier hiking trip and are on their way to South Dakota with their bikes. They have several more trips scheduled in addition to grandchildren visits and their annual Sundance Volunteer vacation. They are making the most of every minute and I'm really proud of them.

I spent a lot of hours growing up in a Toyota Tercel.
When this one pulled up next to me tonight, I knew it was a reminder that my parents are always there whether at home or off on an adventure.
Love You Mom & Dad