Tuesday Travel

I'm in a Tuesday travel rut. Oklahoma, California, Texas today, Washington next Tuesday, and then back to California. All this travel isn't healthy, but it does make for interesting blog content. 

Traveling on Tuesday from the SLC Airport is a reminder of the unique culture we have in Utah. Elders and Sisters typically fly out for their missions on Tuesday. I don't know all the particulars, just what I observe, but there are plenty of websites, like this one. Today, I counted 15 just on my flight to DFW. I don't hang out around teenagers, but they always look so young, nervous, and excited. There is always a line for the pay phones and plenty of emotion in their movements and conversation. 

I have mixed feelings about the whole process. I am proud of these teens for learning a new language and living away from Utah for 2yrs, they'll learn how others live and think which is always a good thing. I was busy playing basketball at their age, but on Tuesdays I usually daydream about going on my own mission, with the Peace Corps or similar organization. 

Today's travel highlights:
 - 6a flight (4a wakeup)
 - an early arrival to DFW 
 - spring rolls for breakfast
 - delayed departure (flashbacks from last month's DFW trip)
 - late arrival to IAH plus a 30min wait for carry-on luggage (something about heat, elevator work-around, and outsourcing)
 - bathroom change to dress and heels
 - ProBar for lunch
 - downtown Houston meeting
 - humidity (flashbacks to living in Houston 19yrs ago)

Hotel View - before dinner

... after dinner