Soccer Binge

I don't follow soccer on a daily or weekly basis, but the last 24hrs I've been on a binge. Last night, I attended Real SLC vs Sporting KC and tonight I'm watching USA vs Colombia. In both cases, I had to drive to Sandy in 90F+ to watch, but it was worth it. 

Last night, I put on sunscreen, hat, and glasses and sweated it out until the sun went down. It was a very exciting game, with Real scoring in the 92nd minute for the win! Attending with soccer superfan Nelson is the only way to do it, he has the best seats, flag, and energy in the stadium. 

Tonight, we drove back to Sandy to Terry's ear doctor. I sat in the waiting room with my phone and buds while Terry had ear surgery, then listened on the drive home, and finally we're finishing it up on TV as the US is up 2-0! 

Terry's ok, he's been battling an ear infection and after three rounds of antibiotics and steroids, they had to go in and replace the tube. With my poor eyesight, we'll have to watch out for each other as we age. This led to a conversation on the drive home about the five senses. If you were to lose a sense at a time, which order would you choose? We are fortunate to have all five senses but thinking about losing them makes you appreciate them more.