Road Warrior

It was one of those days.

5a pst - Alarm, Meditate, Journal, Stretch
5:30a - Shower, finish packing, emails, breakfast, and attempt to confirm/change hotel reservation.
6:30a - Leave for airport
7:30a - At gate, back on phone with hotel & 3rd party reservation company (I'm nowhere to be found)
8:15a - Board flight for Oakland, exit row, window and nobody in seat next to me!
10:40a - Land, text from colleague with change in plans to meet at restaurant instead of office
10:50a - Change into dress and heels in airport bathroom before catching taxi

11:30a - Survive aggressive taxi ride into San Francisco (1st time past Oracle Arena - Game 6 tonight!)

12:30p - Finish delicious veggie burger and tabbouleh, walk to car, drive a few miles, find parking, walk to client's office with 2min to spare.
1:30p - Internet issues during live demo are painful, but I recover and don't let them see me sweat.
2:30p - Scheduled meeting end comes and goes. They are very interested in our software and continue to ask great questions so can't leave yet.
3:00p - Have to tell client we are sorry but we have to go (awkward), quickly pack up and extract ourselves, walk/run to car, contact next client and push meeting 30min.
3:15p - Drop colleague near office and head to Fremont, hoping for smooth sailing but not so much (2nd Oracle Arena pass)
4:28p - Pull into client's parking lot, hustle to check-in, and get badges
4:35p - Start meeting, run over 30min but in a good way
5:30p - Sit in parking lot and check email, then check gps and realize drive back to San Fran will take forever
5:45p - Find Thai restaurant, eat pumpkin curry for the 1st time, which wasn't amazing, but not bad.
6:30p - Back on the road, gps says it is a little better so colleague drives while I read documentation from laptop and we strategize about next couple days of meetings.
7:15p - Oracle Arena for the 3rd time. Parking lot packed with Warrior's fans!
7:30p - Arrive at hotel. Didn't have a chance to confirm reservation or add night, but luckily able to do it all at check-in.
7:45p - Get to room, remove heels, talk to Terry, and turn on game just in time for 3rd quarter.
9:15p - Work for 90min and listen to game. Warriors win!
9:45p - Finish daily blog and head outside to see how the city is celebrating the victory.
10:30p - The city is celebrating responsibly, so exciting! I'm back in room... this Road Warrior is going to bed!