Morning Mountain Bike

I slept well which helped with yesterday's status, but after an early ride and full work day, I'm sitting here still in need of a recharge. More work tomorrow, plus the Real soccer game, so I'll likely have to catch up on Monday.

As I ate breakfast, the neighborhood bucks made an appearance and slowed down enough for a photo. Sometimes they stop and look in our windows and the slightest sound or movement sends them running. Other times, I'm completely oblivious and don't see them until Terry points them out. I counted at least three this morning before I headed out.

Backyard Bucks
Since Terry can't mountain bike yet, we've only been road riding. This was my first MTB of the year in the aspens and it was lovely! I was on Mid-Mountain at 7am and spent the next hour enjoying the quiet climb to Shadow Lake. I even saw a few relatives of our backyard bucks enjoying their breakfast, although I'm pretty sure they didn't get my photo. I miss riding with Terry, but I look forward to more single-track time this summer.

Tommy Two Steps - Aspen Fun
Shadow Lake